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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
I’ve had the worst experience and if I could leave no stars I would. I had two Banham locks fitted in Jan 2018 for £443.40, I then had my bag stolen with my keys and address so had to change them in April 2018 and was charged a further £529.80 to replace the same locks. One of the locks then started sticking in July 2018, so I called Banham, who confirmed my locks were under guarantee and sent an engineer. The engineer arrived, took a look and said that practically all of his jobs that week were due to the same issue, because of the recent heatwave the natural movement in wooden doors made the locks slightly out of alignment. He said I could probably sort it myself by making the box hole bigger with a screwdriver, but not to worry, he’d put it right. After a few minutes of making the box hole slightly bigger, he gave me a bill of £114. I refused to pay it because I was not told I’d be charged or given a choice and I was under the impression it was all covered by the guarantee when I called to book the appointment and not told at any point that I could be charged. Over the last year I’ve received emails from Banham rangeing from downright rude to threatening and this week I received a letter threatening to take me to court and saying that they won’t honour any contracts I’ve taken out with them. They decided to claim that my door had dropped, although the engineer gave no mention of this and said the problem was due to the weather. These threats were despite the fact that I referred this to Trading Standards and Citizens Advice and I advised Banham accordingly. Trading Standards allocated a case number and adviced me that Banham are in breach of contract and that their actions are unlawful and also in breach of The Consumer Rights Act 2015. They explained that because they fitted the locks to wooden doors then they should allow for natural movement, otherwise the locks wouldn’t be fit for purpose, especially as this happened 4 months after they were fitted for the second time. They further advised that this would mean that they were not fitted with ‘reasonable care and skill’. Furthermore, they gave me the impression that I wouldn’t be charged, didn’t give me a quote before the 5 minute job and then attempted to charge me. Banham didn’t address any of the facts I raised in my emails and decided to just keep repeating that the problem was because my door had dropped, which it clearly hadn’t.
Posted 1 year ago
Still awaiting for part of the security door features after nearly three months , they’re avoid all calls & emails
Posted 1 year ago
I had the pleasure of meeting with Mr. Kosi Kostov and he someone so helpful and professional. I wish him the best in everything he does. Taher
Posted 1 year ago
THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM! It installs an alarm and if you cancel the contract, the alarm keeps going off randomly so you have to call them out to fix it. They charge you for that service and you have no other choice other than put up with the alarm going off randomly. WARNING, DO NOT USE.
Posted 1 year ago
Dreadful company to deal with. I would suggest anyone changes their locks. I needed a new key and it took me 8 weeks and many silly discussions with Banham.
In the end I changed my locks as I was so fed up with dealing with them.
Posted 1 year ago
House alarm going off next to my house for 45 minutes. Called Banham kept me on hold for thirty minutes. Useless company and appalling customer service.
Posted 1 year ago
The service was excellent. Keith dealt with a lengthy enquiry in his own time and then made up my locks and posted them exactly as promised. This is the second time in 12 months that Keith has proved himself to be somebody who prides himself on great service.
Posted 1 year ago
locks, keyhole, letterbox and handles cost over 1300.

we wanted to update on our existing setup, just an updated Banham.

we requested two separate locks with separate keys=they gave us the same lock and key for bottom and top.

originally we had a turn lock open on the inside for top lock, easy not to fiddle with keys when dog, children, house gets lots of traffic= they gave us a keyhole lock from the inside, so now anytime the doorbell rings, I need to run to my key cabinet to fiddle with the door, if i leave the key in the keyhole while i am indoors, then whoever comes home after we go to sleep cant come in.

They insisted that my husband signed off on this. My husband is trusting man who spoke to the salesman/surveyor and explained what we wanted and trusted he would understand, when he first came I was there when he said we want the same thing but with Banham and a different color.

Now we come to fit:
1) My door handle on the inside goes down but does not go back up.
2) The fitter scraped down so much of our wood door, where the key locks into the wall component, that you can FEEL THE AIR BLOW THROUGH. And see a bit of LIGHT come through,
3) The mailbox has about half an INCH (not centimeters!) INCH space open from the top and air blows through that besides that it looks unsightly.

I am so displeased and here I am talking to about half a dozen people and spending hours trying to get this resolved.

This is an exception to the rule that says you get what you pay for!
Posted 2 years ago
They did not have my key registered despite having been to the shop before to have keys cut. They then only agreed to have my keys cut after talking to my husband on the phone and asking him for the postcode, even though I had my passport, gold Banham card and the orginal key and did not ask me for my postcode.

Not good service!!!!
Posted 2 years ago
I paid over £600 to get two locks fitted. Whilst they are expensive i assumed they would last ( i should have noticed the one year warranty). Just after one year they both failed meaning i could not leave my home until they were replaced, costing my another £400.
i will not use their locks again for sure. Very expensive waste of money. i will also share this with social media to ensure people don't fall for this obvious scam (why would both locks fail at the same time one month post warranty)
Posted 2 years ago
I was made to believe a tested secure equipment will be installed with a fair Banham serivce. What I received is as follow:
CCTV : Req 2 cameras with recording to view 2 areas 8m X 5m - provided a monitor which I did not need now buttons do not work properly. Playback recording after 21 days stopped, date & time does not match. After complain it is trying to reboot which I have not activated or given permission to link. It is appears recording is being interfered but given no access for anyone.
GRILLS FOR WINDOWS - four point locking system but are not flushed to my wall & open visible screws. Some I can put all my finger & thumb in the gap to pull the frame so one may not need hammer to remove.
SHUTTERS FOR DOORS : advised by salesman to have grill at the back & front anti bandit gate ( cost £1485) without explaining locking system. Now I have single lock with gap going from top to bottom around 1 cm & gap above & bottom too. The lock bolt not flushed, fixed with 2 coloured strip has a visible hugs gap. Back door grill: charged for 2 door (cost £1280) but only fitted one & difficult in closing.
Keys & locks: ordered 3 separate locks with 7 keys but fitted 2 lock given 2 keys which open all including gate. To buy further keys pay £15 each but after complaints now saying I was informed it will be changed so why nothing was done.
Customer Service: only corporate answers without acknowledging their is fault or survey ordered to put it right.
Would you recommend when I have not received proper customer service or installation & wondering which “ism” may apply, sexism, agaism, racism, classism or simply nickism” - so you decide.
Posted 2 years ago
Worst possible experience! Purchased Locks in Feb, Had to pay twice due to Banham error. Still waiting for refund. SHOCKING SERVICE. Called & Emailed numerous times to be told its with accounts team and still we are owed money. Wasting time on chasing constantly!
Posted 2 years ago
Worst alarm service ever. Alarm goes off randomly all the time which is exhausting and embarrassing. Have spent a fortune only to dread ever turning it on.
Posted 2 years ago
Yet again,a no show service engineer,a precious day off totally wasted waiting in.phoned the said department to complain and was given excuse of a message was left on landline voicemail on said wasted day off,a little bit late dont you think,this company is fast at taking your money,really bad at doing what you paid them to do.
Posted 3 years ago
Please don't use Banhams!

They're not the reputable, established business you may think they are.

They've damaged our property, made unsatisfactory proposals to rectify it, are rude, dishonest but question your integrity and the after care is awful.

Please don't make the same mistake!
Posted 3 years ago
Please don't post my previous review -I hadn't finished it!

Avoid Banham Security (locks, alarms, safes etc.) Dreadful company. If, like me, you imagined Banham's high prices reflect good service, beware; if they screw up, their so-called ‘customer service’ is DREADFUL beyond belief. And if you refuse to pay for their terrible service they play nasty, threatening legal action and damage to your credit rating, along with closing your account (which implies you won’t ever be able to get spare keys cut, because Banham keys can only be cut at Banham with your personal Banham i.d.).

Last year we went to their Golders Green branch to get 4 spare keys cut. At this stage Banham had failed to fix our new but intermittently sticking lock in 2 years, and when I mentioned the ever-sticking lock to the Golders Green staff they looked astroturfing the key and said it was because the key was bent, so they’d straighten it. Not long after, the same key broke off in the lock. I called Banham to get a locksmith, telling them I would not be paying for this; they should have fixed the sticking lock long ago, not wait until a key finally breaks in it (of course the straightening of the key had not resolved the sticking). However they invoiced me anyway then threatened court action and ‘account closure’ when I refused to pay.

After months of trying to have a reasonable discussion with them, all I can say is they play dirty. Other reviews on various sites indicate the way I’ve been treated is their normal modus operandi. Perhaps harnessing the power of social media will help - ah but they don’t seem to have any social media presence. One wonders why…

There is zero customer service, only a total refusal to discuss the issue; they refuse to explain the logic of threatening legal action for not paying to rectify a problem THEY created through negligent practice even their own locksmith condemns; not only was the sticking lock not resolved, but we learned from the locksmith that you never straighten a key, it weakens it and makes it prone to breaking. Why then, did Golders Green straighten it? Why didn’t they say this at the time? We were already buying 4 more keys, we could simply have chucked the bent one had we know it could become an issue.

During his visit to remove the broken key, the locksmith took the lock apart and sprayed something inside. This seemed to finally resolve the sticking problem. When we asked what he’d done he wasn’t very forthcoming though, just muttered something about a ‘dry spray’ you can’t buy, but that was it. Pity the first locksmith who claimed there was no issue with the lock didn’t do the same two years earlier. Of course we were still left with the issue of being invoiced for resolving the key problem Banham created in the first place. During the ensuing lengthy correspondence they made 3 competing statements but refused to acknowledge the obvious contradictions in them.

They also refuse ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution for consumer products), insisting their ‘customer services’ department is the only way they handle complaints - but 'customer services’ doesn’t actually handle complaints at all, it ignores them, hiding behind 'director's decisions'. The directors in turn hide behind 'customer services', refusing to speak to customers, all the while threatening legal action. Neat. Four months' worth of attempts at sensible communication were met with the repeated response that 'our directors stand by their decision, there is nothing to discuss’.

Their behaviour is actually pretty nasty. The rude and icy girl I dealt with actually seemed to relish playing cat and mouse with me, deliberately obfuscating any logic that might emerge. And you can’t get past customer services - the partners will NOT communicate with you. They play dirty; in response to a review I posted online they implied that I’d refused to pay for a locksmith on another occasion when I’d locked myself out. This was untrue, of course I’d paid - on the day in fact. Then 4 months later they re-invoiced me for the same job. When contacted about this they failed to respond or even acknowledge the proof of payment provided, let alone apologise.

On the same review site they also made a crass attempt at claiming we bent the key ourselves by using it to open cans of paint. (One has to laugh. Of course, after spending £980 on locks, the £65 a pop house keys would be the obvious choice for opening paint, as opposed to using an old screw-driver).

It ended with me taking legal advice and being told I’d win in court, but my husband quietly paid them because I was seriously ill at the time (which btw, Banham knew) and it was causing a great deal of stress.

Finally, don’t even bother contacting the Master Locksmiths Association to try and resolve anything with Banham; Banham copied me an email between the two companies regarding my complaint; Banham and the MLA clearly have a nice cosy relationship and MLS won’t help you.

Never again. Wish I'd looked at review sites before using Banham.
Posted 3 years ago
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