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I booked the taxi and the drive didn't show up, I called them on the same day told them what happend and I cancelled, a month later I just saw on my account that they took my money 57 pounds, I contacted with the support team and they said no refund because the journey was completed???? I am still fighting with them, they could check the conversation because they recording it, also they could check on the map that the driver actually did this journey, so unprofessional company, I will never book them and I will give the negative recommendations!
posted 1 week ago - Andras
If they are not getting work in those time scales then do they have a viable business? The company expects clients like you and I to utilise European Passenger Rights Regulation EC 261/04 to get refunds from the flight carrier.
posted 2 weeks ago - Mark Trickett
But, was refused the refund by Taxicode.
posted 3 weeks ago - Anonymous
I was willing to accept a refund or continue with the transaction.
posted 1 month ago - Anonymous
But, was refused the refund by Taxicode.
posted 1 month ago - Anonymous
If you want to take the risk of loosing your early morning flight, because the taxi you have ordered and prepaid, does not show, if you like spending time with a hotline calling over and over again, to get this solved or in second step to get at least an official cancellation, if you want to wait in vain for the refunding of your credit card payment for this kind of non-service, if you like having to file this via your bank to finally get you money back, this is the kind of company you should book a ride/ taxi with! So in a nutshell, worst taxi experience ever in my entire not so short life!
posted 1 month ago - Matthias
Booked and paid for taxi to the airport the day before travel. Booked for 0630 next day and received an email confirmation. Then received an email at 0410 while asleep, awoke to find my taxi cancelled with no replacement. when I contacted them that morning was given no alternative and differing stories as to why taxi had been cancelled. Pretty sure no taxi had been booked in the first place as they would not give me any information regarding the supposed taxi firm on the confirmation. Refund offered and also £5 off next booking, don't think I will use that discount!!!
posted 1 month ago - Anonymous
Booked a taxi and paid 15 hours in advance. They cancelled when it was too late to make other arrangements. Walked 5 miles in the rain. Was late. I await my refund as they have promised, see if they can keep this one. Deleted app. Unreliable.
posted 1 month ago - David
Be very careful of using this company I booked a taxi online , got an email to say there was a problem with the booking. I tried to phone answer. Took £18.50 out of my account. I emailed the company who said I made an incorrect booking and says it states in terms and conditions you have to give exact details . Still trying to get a refund but not holding my breath...
posted 1 month ago - Audrey Meldrum
Do not use this company. They are terrible. I cancelled a taxi over 12 hours before the journey and yet they refused to give me a refund. All other taxi services offer a refund. This is tantamount to fraud. Use them at your peril
posted 1 month ago - Anonymous