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A new way to begin playing and learning music, uniquely designed for young children.

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Soundbops 5 star review on 21st January 2021
Emily DuRussel
Soundbops 5 star review on 6th November 2020
Soundbops 5 star review on 6th November 2020
Soundbops 5 star review on 6th November 2020
Soundbops 5 star review on 3rd November 2020
Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Fabulous music machine My grandchildren love It’s very easy to use
Daughter is 4, she loves her soundbop, it's bright and colourful, easy to learn how to use and she wants to play with it and has maintained interest in it so I'm very impressed and I will be recommending to friends and family.
Customer service is first class. I had my2 queries re book and keys answered very efficiently and helpfully. The price is excellent for the product and every child should have one to introduce them to music.
The concept and the instrument is brilliant, and I like Book 1. However, I ordered books 2 and 3, and only received book 2! I have contacted you several times for an explanation, but have had no reply, so I am not impressed with the admin.!
We are so glad you are enjoying your Soundbops! We are very sorry for the delay in getting your book 3 out. We had run out of stock in one of our warehouses and it had not updated.  We also want to apologise for the slow response. We are a very small team and sometimes it takes us longer to respond that it should.  We have sent you a Book 3 from our other warehouse and it will be with you tomorrow. We have also sent you a £10 Soundbops Gift card so that you can purchase Book 4 when it is released.  We are a very new company and thank you very much for purchasing Soundbops and helping us empower children to lean music.  Best regards, Michael
Got it through Kickstarter, great product, perfect for kids with interest in music, perfect service 👍
Thanks for your kind review. We're glad you're enjoying Soundbops.
We got one this week 😀 and are loving playing around with the board, creating different sounds and working through book 1 🎶 super fast delivery, exceptional quality (we’ve dropped it already 🙄) and the kids the sticker progress chart
We are very happy with our Soundbops, it is a lovely thing for our little boy to play with. It’s an innovative idea and very rewarding for him. One problem though, for which I am docking a star is that the power is on a dial and it doesn’t auto turn off like all other kids toys. This means it basically never gets switched off. If this issue is resolved in future iterations then I would say it’s a must buy.
Hi Alex, We're sorry to be so long replying to you, but we wanted to test several Soundbops to be sure. It should enter stand-by mode after 10 minutes, where all the functions are off and the LED turns from green to orange. It then needs to be switched off and on again to be played. If yours doesn't, there may be a fault, so please let us know and we'll replace it. The Soundbops Team
Having just received my Soundbops Starter kit and knowing full well that my newborn has a couple of years in ahead before she can fully utilise the kit means that I can practice to my heart's content and really become an adept teacher of Soundbops for when she is ready to learn. All the while I'll be keeping a very close eye on any Soundbopular developments in order to keep up to date with 'bop' culture as I feel that Soundbops will greatly enhance her love for music and for her first foray into musicianship!
What a great product! It has been as much fun for us as it has been for our 3 year old daughter. We've now bought a second for my godson for his birthday!
SoundBops make having music lessons accessible to our family. It is very easy to grab a metronome on the phone and have him figure out the book. We even talk about chords and feelings which will lead to storytelling through music. This wouldn't have even occured to me without this tool. Very excited to continue working with it! EXCELLENT customer service.
Soundbops 5 star review on 21st January 2021
Hi Emily! Thank you so much for this wonderful review. We are so glad you're enjoying Book 1. We have lots more to come in our Soundbops books and you've already beaten us to one of the lessons in Book 3 - Music and Emotions. So glad you're finding ways to have beneficial discussions through music! Love the picture too.
A fun and flexible innovation that is great for curious and creative kids to discover music at their own pace and in their own way.
Thank you so much for your kind words.
Fantastic My grandchildren love it
That's wonderful to hear, Jacqui.
The stars are given for the build quality. Because of Covid we have not been able to use it with our grandchildren and we haven’t yet been able to get it to them. We didn’t buy the starter set - when will we get the rest of the set, please?
Six year old with a musical preference for Status Quo and The Monkees immediately produced 'Hot Cross Buns' from the book and was delighted. This has been much more successful that the ukelele she wanted last year or the plastic trumpet of six months ago.
Thanks, Ron. If you're really lucky (?), we may pop in some Quo or Monkees songs in future books!
Expensive but so worth it! My 5 year old really loves it and can play all the tunes (albeit without the right rhythm!) using the notation in the booklets. He has already started to transfer his knowledge to the piano and match the notes. I have subscribed to the book series and am looking forward to where it takes us. My older child, who plays piano, also enjoys experimenting with creating jazzy chords and transferring his piano pieces to the soundbops. The major benefit of this over other music toys is the ability to create chords and see them visually. I also hope that the colour-matching aspect will help my youngest to learn to read music as we progress through the books.
Hi Daisy, Great to hear! The rhythm will come as your 5-year-old goes along - there are books specifically on rhythm a little later on. Fantastic to hear your older child enjoys it too! Wait until the next book comes along - it's all about pitch and it's got some great new tunes! The Soundbops Team
Really enjoying it and the build quality has so far held up.
Hi Thomas, That's good news. Glad you're enjoying Soundbops. The Soundbops Team
I love them( I bought 2) but one had one set of soundbops, the other had two. Also the sound seems quite quiet on one regardless of how I turn up the volume. Patricia Hannah
Hi Patricia, We wondered where that extra set went! Lucky you! We're worried about the volume problem you have, though. Can we send you a replacement Soundbops? Please send us your details at and we'll arrange an exchange. The Soundbops Team
This product is INCREDIBLE! Within 5 minutes of it arriving my 4 year old, who has a global development delay, independently play 3 blind mice. The product is extremely user friendly, tactile and a really easy concept to grasp. The book is easy to follow, well laid out and bursting full of songs to play, activities and facts whilst teaching the music need to knows. I am blown away and couldn’t recommend this product more!
Thanks, Beccy. That's fantastic to hear. And what a great video, too! Thank you for sharing it with us.
We are delighted with soundbops. Our daughter has severe developmental delay and has poor fine motor skills but loves music. This has made Learning an instrument accessible for her.
Thank you for your kind words, Caroline. We can't tell you how happy we are to hear this.
Still early days but my 4-year old loves it. Very intuitive and just enough proper musical to make it educational without seeming so. Looking forward to moving on to more advance books too. Overall really very good and would recommend it to anyone wanting to get young kids into music.
That's great to hear, Brad. We're all looking forward to the next book sending out later this month!
Soundbops is rated 4.83 based on 29 reviews