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In 2004 we we launched the RPGStash website. Since then we have established strong services in MMORPG games such as Runescape, EVE Online and MU Online while still remaining a top contender in Diablo 2.

In 2012 we launched a completely new and enhanced version of rpgstash.com and in 2014 we formed the company Enhanced Online Experience Ltd in UAE.
Enhanced Online Experience currently has around 20 employees operating the RPGStash enterprise. The aim with RPGStash is to establish and perpetuate a strong brand name for affordable game keys and virtual assistance services in different MMO Games. A name that stands for style, quality and personal service.

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Hong Kong

RPGStash.com 5 star review on 12th October 2019
Andrew Bowen
RPGStash.com 5 star review on 4th December 2018
Patrick gonzales
RPGStash.com 5 star review on 23rd November 2018
RPGStash.com 5 star review on 7th November 2018
Robert Harrington
RPGStash.com 5 star review on 4th June 2018
joshua campisi
RPGStash.com 5 star review on 5th May 2018
RPGStash.com 5 star review on 5th December 2017
Twan Zoetweij
Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
I put in an order, and I was given a 4-12hr completion time, I didn’t even click rush order and it was complete within 2hours! I am very pleased with the service and nothing was missing on my account, I would recommend using them!
Posted 1 year ago
I bought gold from you and because of it my account was banned. I would like a refund please
And a decent account for how much work I had put into mine. This is messed up. I trusted this site because of doing research into it and the disclaimer. Please refund me my money atleast.
Posted 2 years ago
everything was good but it took double the time than it should
Posted 1 year ago
They scam accounts from within the site and deny it.
Posted 8 months ago
Got scammed and not even a small apology or anything..
Posted 1 year ago
Great quality service and quick...
Posted 1 year ago
Awesome customer service
Posted 1 year ago
its a good job
Posted 1 year ago
Professional and quick!
Posted 1 year ago
Good gold prices compared to my local stores and fast delivery (3 hours for me but it's an acceptable timeframe).
Posted 3 weeks ago
Excellent safe service! I have an ironman and bought quest services for boring quests I've done like 6 times already, and they finished them in a surprisingly fast time! Just bought quest service for Garden of tranquility, one small favor, fairytale, and underground path. I feel so sorry for the guy haha!
Posted 2 months ago
Amazing seevice
Posted 2 months ago
Always had excellent service. Only thang I would recommend is whenever the order is submitted it needs to auto populate into a chat with a worker instead of having to copy paste and reput our information in during purchases. That’s the main thang. Other then that. Really peaceful excellent service.
Posted 2 months ago
One of the worst company’s I’ve bought from. Didn’t have the rare I won offered 1/4 it’s real value and waited for two days with no confirmation of when I would receive. Broke their own terms and conditions. Long story short they finally refunded me my payment. I emailed the ceo with no response, and have two saved transcripts from live chat due the insane lack of help and compassion with a big ordering. Customer. They assumed GE cash value for a rare was fair valuing rs3 gp at 1usd per 1m gold. Did nothing to help besides take my money In the mean time as a loan. I was excited and lost my only days off not wanting to play my game and without money to do anything. Probally the worst purchasing experience I’ve ever had.
Posted 3 months ago
Hello Jacob,
Thank you for bringing this to our attention and we are deeply sorry for the inconvenience.
We will investigate your feedback further to make us better and to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

Please know that your situation was an exception. As you can see on other reviews, we are known for taking ownership and caring deeply about our customers.
Posted 3 months ago
Got the fire cape, but banned right after.
Posted 6 months ago
Hello Meet,
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Please send an email to support@rpgstash.com for help with unlocking your account.
Posted 6 months ago
Got hacked immediately after my whole inventory was cleared
Posted 7 months ago
Hello Nicolas,
Sorry to hear that you got hacked, but we really appreciate you bringing this issue to our attention. Feel free to submit a complaint in this form so our management team might be able to help you out: https://www.rpgstash.com/rpgstash-feedback
Posted 7 months ago
dear asshole who did the fire cape on my account - STOP trying to recover my account.
Posted 9 months ago
I'm sure that just buying amounts of gold on this site is fine but stay away from the chests. I bought a total of 50 chests and didnt get a single item over the 1 star range which was rated at 25-40%. If you try the demo for the chest and get something good...it is not realistic of what you will really receive if you buy it.
Posted 9 months ago
I ordered a fighter torso service 20-hours later i logged in back to my account and all of my valuable items and gp were gone. Not yet sure who is behind this other customer servicer told me that "check the account after we are done then say which items are gone" and other said that i should contact manager. Well now im just wishing for some answers that is this site behind this because they were only one with my account logins.
Posted 11 months ago
Left high value items on the account with no bank pin when they logged in to get me a fire Cape. When I came back, none of my items were touched and I had the Cape:)
Posted 1 year ago
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