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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
it will be much better if we can have information of base & top height of clouds. especially for planing VFR flights
Posted 2 years ago
I'm sad to tell you that RocketRoute does not fulfil what I was used by JeppView Mobile.
JeppView has a wonderful handling with the track on the monitor of my iPad, but did not develop new features that RocketRoute offers (prepare and safe flights in apple notebooks, print flight log, filing flight plan...).
I tried RocketRoute, but it did not convince me. Handling the track on monitor, getting GND-maps only zooming in and so on I was missing.
Next week flying to Oxford I first wanted to do this by map and GNS 430.
But traffic around London is so crowded. So I decided to take SkyDemon.
Just ready with preparing my flights I realise that the altitude profile is very helpful. Now I feel secure and begin to enjoy what will come. Especially in marginal weather I'm more flexible to change destination during flight when cold front will obviate to proceed.
Therefor I had to cancel my subscription for RocketRoute this year.
We'll see us 2019 in Friedrichshafen AERO 2019 hoping the handling of RocketRoute track in air then is developed.

Thanks for your cooperation!

Good bye
Posted 2 years ago
Simply fast very good app
Posted 2 years ago
Direct connection and Validation by to Eurocontrol.
Automatic briefing packs
Posted 2 years ago
Availability of 24hr support which I have used to solve a routing problem. The ease of filing and requesting handling. The way RocketRoute and JeppFD tie together to export the route.
Posted 2 years ago
Basic plan useless
Autorouter didn't work
107 € for nothing
Posted 3 years ago
Rocket Route is very simple to use, and if i had a Problem, the helpline works very quickly.
Thank you
Wolfgang Eibl
Posted 3 years ago

I'm using your services for several years. Since I'm living in the US presently I renewed there. With that I just realised that your payment is collected in the UK and not in the US. Since I used a USA credit card I'm facing now an additional service charge from my bank for an international use even if I selected USD as currency.
I think it would be helpful if not necessary for non UK customer to collect the payment domestically (if you have bigger amount of customers in a given country). I can tell that this in the USA will at least for some GA piston customers a bit questionable.
I could not do the checkout on a iPad ( Pro, iOS11) easily because the basket button is not reachable at the GUI. You need to trick the GUI by turning the iPad into the vertical mode to reach the basket button. small thing... but maybe helpful

Thanks Hendrik
Posted 3 years ago
Good service I’ve used for many years. However charging people extra now for the turboprop/jet aircraft type is ridiculous and a slap in the face to existing loyal customers. One use to be able to file any aircraft on a VFR/IFR plan. Charging extra to add a turboprop or jet is unethical. However as a flight planning program with quick auto routing it works well globally.
Posted 3 years ago
Easy to handle, friendly support, fits the bill for a SEP IR
Posted 3 years ago
As a private pilot I do not fly that much, even more important to get those FPLs quickly and reliably and to have the briefing pack in hand. Great help from the hotline by the way in difficult cases. Easy to delay or to bring forward EOBT as well. Never had an issue when calling for a clearance with FPLs filed through RocketRoute.
Posted 3 years ago
software seems to be working ok
Posted 3 years ago
Simply the best !
Posted 3 years ago
easy Filing from Flight Plans
Posted 3 years ago
Good flight Plans (Not always they are really good)
Good hotline (it's very often but Not always good)
Posted 3 years ago
Perfect Briefing ,
Posted 3 years ago
There are nany things that do not work correctly

As I wrote many complaints and reviews before which had no effect, I save my time and stop complaining, as you are nor at all interested in changing something
Posted 3 years ago
really good sw for flightplanning i have met only one issue with sending GAR to UK custom which did not arrive even if I got confirmation

I use rocket route regulary in the season and fly about 250 hours annually with DA 42 or DA62
Posted 3 years ago
Simply, fast with everything to insure safety of flight
Posted 3 years ago
Ease of identifying routes
Posted 3 years ago
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