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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Terrible company. Took my initial money. Didn't save me money and then sent debt collectors. Ended up costing me £2k for nothing.
Posted 2 months ago
"Like many others already posted we too were lured to sign a contract with this unethical company by false promises a) we were paying more than our neighbours b)our rent was less than our rateable value.The only reductions in our rates have been by the Government reliefs.\r\nAfter querying an invoice in March 2020 for 15% of a rates reduction that hadn\u2019t been applied to our account a rapid series of threatening emails\/ demands were sent with the the initial \u00a3250 invoice rising to a \u00a36000+ in 2 weeks. Then we were issued with a statutory demand to wind up our small company.\r\n\r\nWe have used legal intervention but have been further supported by a growing group of fellow victims. If you wish to talk to someone, no need to disclose personal details, then please ringthis number ( evenings) leave a message or just text. You will get advice.
Posted 2 months ago
Ruthless company who is scruples, a sale force that works to take advantage of innocent companies, who can not explain charges until they are imposed.
DO NOT SIGN THE CONTRACT WITH THEM, they have covered every avenue for legal purposes with no guarantees on their side.
There must be thousands of us out their who would love to go to court over this, but they know it will cost a small fortune to dispute all their claims, quires will be passed from one person to the other, and will not listen and will not bend, and find excuses for all eventualities.
I would hope some people with courage would pursue them and go to court.
Shameful to charge 15% on money claimed for Corona Virus (Covid 19 ) when companies are battling to keep their heads above water.
Posted 2 months ago
Stay away from ratings and valuations. The same problems as everyone else. Paid 600£ for services, then had a bill for 15% saving for business rates which they did not achieve. Then put a cancellation fee of 995£. DO NOT USE.
Posted 2 months ago
We too have have been caught up with this company.They basically gave us false information as to how our rateable value could be reduced.That is why we signed up with them.We paid them a substantial upfront payment and obviously their appeal failed.Demand from them a copy of their check and challenge submission that they sent to the valuation office,they are under an obligation to provide this.Now they have the nerve to demand further payments due to the coronavirus relief and grants which was given automatically and with no input from this company.If you are threatened with  debt recovery agent or a statutory demand respond back stating that you were missold this contract and you will be issuing court proceedings for the return of your upfront payments.I have now joined a group fighting back with really professional advice.If you are interested in joining please leave your details on this page.
Posted 3 months ago
Same as the other reviews called round signed us up and took a fee and promised to sort out our rates 6 months later still nothing then all of a sudden out of nowhere a bill for two and a half thousand pounds yet our rates are still the same no reduction at all as other company's have stated they cane after our rates Relief fund which the government had provided and had nothing to do with the contract we signed, now we just keep receiving letters asking us to pay up or bailiffs will be involved and we will be taken to court yet to try to contact ANYONE be it the rates company someone from the bailiffs or even the dodgy solicitor firm they have used to come after us you can not get an answer and the excuse that's been used is phonlines are closed due to covid19 and emails only to be sent yet no response to any email being sent either we have now got our solicitors involved and will be taking the matter further
Posted 3 months ago
Same scenario.
Gave £795 upfront April 2019 to challenge my business rates valuation. Got nothing in return for this money but in March 2020 started to receive more invoices. Initially it was a termination fee then unbelievable they charged me for the covid 19 relief provided by the government.
Have had numerous aggressive emails, solicitors letters and have been issued a statutory declaration.
Previously put a negative review on Yell but they had mine and all the others removed.
This company needs to be investigated and all monies should be returned to their victims.
Posted 3 months ago
I have same problem
Posted 3 months ago
Thanks for sharing the information about the Mirror.That's a really good news! Hope the media stop them bullying more vulnerable people.
I've also sent email cancelling contract with them and a request asking refund of the upfront fee but it's been ignored. Anybody have a idea how to get our upfront fee back and get this bloody contract cancelled?
Many thanks!
Posted 3 months ago
You don’t deserve 1 star, we gave £600 for your company to do your job & all we asked for was some correspondence as to how that was going (many calls many emails trying to contact Charlotte/ someone/ anyone we got to speak to the telephonist only). You then get a debt recovery company to recover money for you yet failed to invoice us a bill ?? Absolute criminals the lot of you, please if your looking for a decent professional company to use then the rating & valuation company LTD isn’t the one to use, Complete amateurs & crooks .! No invoice no communication just straight to the bailiffs (who are probably part of this outfit also) disgrace
Posted 3 months ago
Terrible company that take your money without doing any work! They charged for reductions that the government put in place to help small businesses with the covid 19 crisis. The 8 months previous to this they didn’t achieve any reductions despite the initial fee and several attempts at contacting them for updates. They were very aggressive in pursuing litigation and continually remove reviews off of sites because they get so many 1 star reviews! I’ve seen over 20 On yell and had at least 3 of mine removed so far! Please do not use this company and save yourself the time and lost money.
Posted 4 months ago
We have had the same issues as the other reviewers. We initially signed up and paid the fee over a year ago. They have done absolutely nothing. I have been in regular contact via email and there has always been an excuse as to why there has been no development. Our case worker has been changed twice. We received an invoice just after lockdown. I said we couldnt pay and they responded with we should use our Grant money. I said we hadnt received it and they then said they had looked into it and we would receive it that week. Funny how they can find out! We didnt receive it that week but we still had another invoice from them. Once we received the grant I didnt pay them and 1 day later we received a debt collectors letter. The next day we received another letter from the company doubling the invoice saying that if we didnt pay they would get our company disolved! The next day another email giving us an extra day day to pay. It is a joke - I am not paying as they have not reduced our business rates - the government have! Just checked company details on Companies House and it is owned by some french woman - there are also a lot of disputes from staff not being paid. I will be interested to follow this company from now - lets see how they progress. I would like to hear some more stories regarding The rates & Valuation Office!!
Posted 4 months ago
Agree with all the other reviews here.
We paid up front fee and they achieved absolutely no rateable value reduction.
Then invoices started to arrive demanding payment for the automatic relief that councils are obliged to give.
Also an invoice for "cancellation fee" even though I have not cancelled.
There is a Facebook page "Rating and Vaulation Co Ltd - Scam". Please check it out

Companies being scammed by this company need to work together.

We will not be paying anything but there are more vunerable companies that may be frightened into paying up!
Posted 4 months ago
They cancelled the bad reviews on the Yell page!!They are hiding something.I had to leave one here.I suffered exactly same like most of you.I really regret that I paid the application fee.Now their true face showing.Don't pay the fake invoice.They threatening people go to court if not paid.I'm seeking a legal advice to look through this.
Posted 4 months ago
This company is fraudulent and must be stopped from conning any more honest and vulnerable people.
In August 2019, i was approached by one of their reps, he mentioned that the company could reduce my business rates and that by paying a one off fee of £695 (which i did) and then only other cost would be 15% of the business rates they saved for me.
I never heard anything for three months, even though i made several calls i was always fobbed off with one reason after another.
Then with the covid pandemic crisis, our council (like others) stopped charging us business rates as per government instruction and then we started to receive invoices of large amounts £5000+ from this company.
This is a bogus fraud company DO NO GET INVOLVED AT ANY RISK. I currently have lawyers currently looking into the matter and will make sure this company EXPOSED as a FAKE
Posted 4 months ago
Absolute con!!!
I paid them a one off fee of £695. If they get me cheaper business rates I pay them 15% if what they save me.
They failed! But now invoiced me £5000 that I must pay immediately claiming that because I have saved money via the governments reductions.. they sometime played a part 🤷🏽‍♂️

Avoid these people at all costs and don’t pay them a penny. They are bullies
Posted 4 months ago
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