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Great trusted competition site! Many similar ones online now, however the odds and prizes with Opulent are brilliant and far better than others. I’ve only been entering into the odd few competitions on site now over the last few months and have already won twice! The first prize was received within a few days after the draw and the second win, I took a cash alternative which was in my bank within the same day.
Opulent Competitions 5 star review on 29th December 2020
Posted 3 months ago
Opulent competitions for me are the best guys out there. Friendly, excellent process and very process on how it works. I won't use any other competition site. I have been lucky to be one of the winners, and the guys contact you after the draw to confirm the address etc too.fantastic service. They only give away prizes that they have in stock too, none of this "you will get the prize when available in stores". Keep up the good work guys!
Opulent Competitions 5 star review on 17th February 2021
Posted 2 months ago
Hi Brett, thanks for leaving such a great review and we are over the moon for you that you won the Ps5. We know how hard it has been for people to get hold of these so we wanted to make sure we had them ready to go. To make sure we could bring these to our customers without delay has come at a premium, having paid over £7400 to run the 10 Ps5 competitions we have done to date. It's not been easy, but it's part of our commitment to ensure we bring the prizes our users really want and keeping either the costs or the odds down as low as we can get them. Massive congratulations Brett and we truly hope you enjoy the console!
Posted 2 months ago
Opulent Competitions is a new company with excellent marketing skills and ease to enter their competitions. They offer regular discounts on tickets which is a great incentive.
The prizes on offer are of a superb quality for a company just starting out, and there is something for everyone, whether you like golf, cycling, jewellery, outdoor leisure etc. The draw is streamed live and well narrated, keeping you interested whilst a winning number is selected.
Well done Opulent Competitions on a new venture.
Posted 9 months ago
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Posted 9 months ago
Hi Kiva, apologies if you didn't see our Facebook live video.

We draw all our comps on time and we do them live on Facebook as instructed in our competition rules. We are however improving our system and will be emailing everyone automatically the winners of every comp in the near future.

We did also send out a mailshot will all the winners and they have been published on Facebook too. If you can check your spam for any of our emails and unspam them, that will help you to see them in the future.
Sometimes, users accidentally enter the wrong email address so the next time you're in your account double-check your email address and if it is incorrect, let us know and we will change it straight away.

I do wish you will continue using our website as we do have some even better amazing competition lined up.

Posted 9 months ago
Fantastic prizes and unlike many competition sites the prices are really affordable.
I follow a few competition sites and Oppulent are far and away the most professional and best organised out there!!.
Posted 4 weeks ago
I'm a new customer, I am a seasoned comper, so I do speak with a certain amount of experience and certain expectations from comp groups.
I have only participated in just one comp with opulent so far. This group has no glaring problems or issues.
I will definitely be using these guys again. And perhaps I will win soon. Fingers crossed.
Keep up the good work. Well done
Posted 1 month ago
Easy as you like
Posted 1 month ago
Me and a mate looked into this website after strange activity in the draw last week and found that there are Previous winners that Are clearly envolved in the company which breaches the first paragraph of there terms and conditions under “qualifying persons” also very overpriced.
Posted 2 months ago
Thank you for taking the time to leave a review and its a shame it is anonymous as we welcome any observation made by our users where they believe there are irregularities within the process. In fact, the draw this is in reference too is the first time in over 18,000 orders since starting Opulent Competitions that we had to disqualify an entrant from the draw who regrettably not only broke the terms and conditions on multiple occasions but it was also discovered following initial investigation and questioning with the individual, they openly admitted to acting in a fraudulent manner with the intention to obtain funds by deception and give themselves an unfair advantage over the other entrants. This was for a £1000 cash prize. We take breaches like this very seriously and disqualified the disgruntled individual and subsequently had to re-run the cash draw again with the original participants to ensure we could then produce a legitimate winner for the prize. We have over 3,500 members and we pride ourselves on ensuring they have fair opportunity presented to them. We respect you wish to keep yourself anonymous, so if you and your "mate" would like to email us confidentially with your accounts of strange activity would be massively appreciated so we can investigate if there are further individuals breaching the terms and conditions as this recent individual has done. This was a shame as the individual also proceeded with a smear campaign on our social media platforms that contained factually inaccurate information about other participants from our site and having reported this to Facebook, they are subsequently investigating the matter. This has been a very useful review for our members to achieve a more in-depth experience of our business so thank you once again for taking the time to leave it.
Posted 2 months ago
Referred by a friend and got 25% off my first ticket purchase which was great, just hope I have the winning tickets. Great prizes, easy to enter draws 5 stars.
Posted 2 months ago
Hey Nina, welcome over to Opulent Competitions and a massive thanks to your friend for recommending you. We are glad you like how the site works. We spent a lot of time in development getting that balance between getting the information across while keeping it clean and easy to navigate for our customers. We particularly like holding our live Facebook Draws every Sunday where we have a lot of fun behind the scenes.... that occasionally spills over into the live show :-). Thanks again and hope to see your name pop up in the comments on one of the live draws as we would love to hear from you.
Posted 2 months ago
I have been fortunate to be a winner with Opulent Competitions. Their service, communication and speed of delivery is second to none. I have recommended the site to several people and will continue to support them too.
Opulent Competitions 5 star review on 8th February 2021
Posted 2 months ago
Hi James, wow, what a great review! Thank you and congrats at being one of our winners. You scoped up one of our popular Milwaukee sets which are proving to be a massive hit with our users! Best of luck James and hope you get lucky again in one of our future draws!
Posted 2 months ago
Brilliant thanks
Posted 2 months ago
Easy to use
Posted 2 months ago
Great site with some fantastic prizes and good odds. The draws themselves are professional and get straight to the point. And I know people who have won too so I know they’re an honest site.
Posted 4 months ago
Great prizes up for grabs on every draw
Posted 5 months ago
Hello. I really like this competition ๐Ÿ˜and the prizes are great ๐ŸŽ‰and thank you so much again for the electric scooter, I love it โค๏ธ
Opulent Competitions 5 star review on 16th October 2020
Posted 6 months ago
Hi Emoke, Thanks for jumping on and leaving a review! The scooter was one of earliest draws so we really appreciate that you joined us so early on and more importantly, we are over the moon you are enjoying your scooter. They are amazing for getting around town. Thanks again for continuing to be part of our growth and good luck with any future entries. All the best, Opulent Comp
Posted 6 months ago
Great prizes to be won. Really good odds and competitive prices. Have a go. It's a fab, fun site. Maybe you'll be a winner!
Posted 7 months ago
Good value for money with excellent odds. A professional approach , and love the fact that you are able to watch the live draws.
Posted 8 months ago
I have only just signed up after a winning friend recommended! Very clear and easy to use with fabulous prizes on offer! my purchases went through effortlessly too so now to just sit back and cross my fingers!!
Posted 8 months ago
Great prizes, great website, great guys
Posted 8 months ago
Excellent, easy to use and some great competitions on there.

Posted 8 months ago
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