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I wish i had read these reviews prior to booking a " £99 " hire deal, as the process went on,it started costing more and more, the entire process seemed to be to make it as difficult as possible to hire a vehicle while adding more cost to the price, after 5 days when i found out i needed a TV licence, i thought enough is enough and cancelled, i asked for a refund but was told that i couldn't have one as i did not cancel within 24 hours, this company are nothing more than thieves and charlatans, do not touch them at all.
posted 1 year ago - JERRY DOCKERY
DO NOT BOOK WITH THIS COMPANY. The initial price they quote you does not include either the £1000 insurance deposit you have to pay with an additional £250 or you have to pay a non refundable £96 plus a refundable £250. Basically they are a rip off and only give you 24 HOURS TO CANCEL FROM INITIAL PAYMENT
posted 1 year ago - Anonymous
do not use this company. after 24 hours of booking you will not get any money refunded on cancellation. Deposits are never refunded after hire. Company offers Amazon vouchers to people to write good reviews. I suspect all positive reviews are false. National Motorhomes is a front for another company with very poor customer service.
posted 1 year ago - Mark Hodgkinson