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Look after My Bills have a Customer Happiness Grade of A. Customers love their prices and customer service.


Happiness Grade
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Price - Excellent

Industry Average
" Heard encouraging things about LAMB on BBC "You and Yours". Since then they have twice helped me switch - and save money - without hassle. As I am not the kind of person who finds price comparison and switching easy (never get into the right mood at the all-important moment), I'm very pleased with the help I have received. "
- Anonymous
" Are you fed up with either having to put lots of effort into switching every year or being overcharged by energy companies? Then join Look after My Bills Now. They do all the hard work for you, including remembering when your current contract runs out and checking the market for better offers. I detest having to do that sort of personal admin and am delighted someone else is doing it for me at absolutely no cost. Since I was checking for offers myself every time my contract ran out and frequently changing providers I don't think they've necessarily saved me lots of money but they sure made it much more convenient for me. That alone is priceless! "
- Anonymous
" Energy companies are like banks - they know you dont get around to change very often - so the rip you off over time with rising prices or not lowering from high tariffs. Look after My Bills have moved my account around the market so I dont have to worry about it, I can be assured that I am getting a good deal without having to spend time researching complex tariffs (designed to confuse and rip off) Great work and it does work "
- Max Venmore-Rowland
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Industry Average
" Just such an easy service to use. You don't have to remember when something is due - all the hard work is done. I was concerned that I might have to do more contacting companies but it was all done. Very pleased that I use them. "
- Sally
" I love LAMB!!!! The customer service is fab, if you ever phone someone (a human) always picks up and is friendly and helpful. "
- V. Smith.
" You got me a better deal again and I didn’t have to lift a finger I find your service too be absolutely brilliant 👍👍👍👍 "
- Anonymous