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" The smell from the mattress is disgusting, when I got in touch with customer service they told me it would leave after a few days, it gets worse the longer you have it, I have had my memory foam mattress from Hyde and Sleep for 15 months and will have to get rid of it and buy a new mattress as I can't bear the smell any longer, I would tell people not to use this company, my last mattress was memory foam and I never had this issue, but it was a different company, I really regret buying from Hyde and Sleep. "
posted 1 year ago - Linda Reilly
" I did a lot of research before ordering a mattress from this company well I thought I did oviobiviously I was wrong. So went ahead and ordered the memory foam mattress and mattress protector the order arrived and I opened the box the mattress protector was in and was shocked it waswas empty this is disgraceful for a company so go in touch with them to inform them it was missing they asked me to e-mail them pitcures of the empty box which I did so many e-mail back and forth I finally asked foR a refund that as on the 30th of August and am still waiting for this to reach my account terrible. Nexltl on to the mattress tried this out when I unpacked The mattress thought it was quite thin but thought I would give it a try how wrong was I it felt like sleep6on an air bed but worse I could feel the base ofepd base digging in to my spines asked to return this and they tried to get me to keep it basically I had to e-mail them stating I wanted to return this and I stated this is the most ubncomftable mattress I have even slept on so many e-mail back they finally gave me a collection date of th0e 6th of September got a phone call in the morning which I missed stating they would be picking this up between 12 and 2 so I phoned them back to say this was fine went straight to voicemail left messages so when it got to half past one and heard nothing phoned Hyde and sleep spoke to a guy was very nice he said he would phone them to see what was going on rang back saying they had broken down And wouldn't be comming till seven in the evening and apparently they said I'd asked them to come after half one 1 I hadn't spoken to them 2 why can't they have the decency to phone and let you know the guy from Hyde and sleep phoned back to complain and got them to come earlier this would be between 3 and 5 in the evening which they did the delivery men were very pleasant and when I informed them of the problems in the morning they didn't know anything about this and verge very helpful. So on to the refund I was told that this takes two weeks to refund your money what a disgrace this is they have there mattress back and know you need your money to get a new mattress what do Hyde and sleep expect you to do sleep on the floor yes they do is what I have to do until they refund my money absouly shocking this is I'm disabled I have nothing to sleep on and I'm disabled this company want to keep your money for as long as possible but I will be phoning ever day until my money back in my account this company is a disgrace the customer service is terrible and basically if you write an honest bad review they try to block this I can honestly advise anyone to AVIOD this company as once they have your money they make the refund process as long as possible so they can make your life hard I was ammused that on there website all they have is positive reviews they must bewritingthem themselves because if you try and write a honest review on there websitetheyblock it saying your misleading there customers no your not they can't take criticism whatsoever maybe if they gave good customer service and refund your money straight away they wouldn't get a bad review I am only being honest so aviod them go into a shop and try out mattress you will have more choice and better customer service "
posted 2 years ago -
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