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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Great customer service and smooth process for shared ownership, would definitely recommend to anyone
Posted 2 months ago
Hello, We really appreciate you taking the time to leave us this fantastic 5-star review and glowing recommendation. We’re thrilled to hear we were able to make the purchase of your new home a smooth process, providing you with excellent customer service throughout. We very much hope you’ve settled in well to your new home. Best wishes, The team at heylo
Posted 1 month ago
Put down my deposit with Taylor Wimpey, ordered carpets, solicitors, had my mortgage in place only for heylo to turn round and say they couldn't deal with me because i had a credit card default four years ago !? Why was i accepted in the first place ? why did it then take four weeks for them to tell me this information ??? Their customer service is truly terrible, I rang up every day and was told lots of excuses, one person even saying "I dont know whats going on " Avoid this company
Posted 9 months ago
We bought our home through heylo on a shared ownership scheme. We couldn’t be any happier! The rents are low cost. They include buildings cover so one less thing to worry about, iv even been able to pay this monthly with my rent, which is just great! The team at heylo are extremely helpful! If your stuggling getting onto the property ladder then try shared ownership through heylo you wont be disappointed!
Posted 9 months ago
Using Heylo to purchase my new home on shared ownership was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I have an incredible new home in the most delightful area and using the shared ownership option meant I was able to move into my new home much quicker than would have been possible under a standard process. The team at heylo we’re absolutely brilliant as well. They provided expert advice from the onset and helped make sure there were no delays or snags and have still been there for me to answer questions and check in even after I’ve moved in. I could not recommend them enough! In fact I tell everyone to look into shared ownership with heylo, as it gets you on the housing ladder so quickly and affordably. I moved from an area full of crime and trouble living with my mum in a house that was literally crumbling from damp into the best home I could ever hope for.
Posted 9 months ago
Haylohousing DO NOT BUY A HOME OFF THIS COMPANY... Honestly you will pay out £100s of pounds and not have a home at the end of it. So INDRE (senior management) haha joke, again sent an email to us yesterday saying that their top management have reviewed our case with regards to paying us some compensation for the many hundreds of pounds we have lost in payment to our solicitors for the process of buying a house through them and Linden homes in Sowerby Thirsk . Which resulted in us pulling out of through total mismanagement by Haylo. They tried to say it's our solicitors fault it was taking so long as they were requesting to many documents from Haylo.. But then INDRE WROTE in black and white on her email to us yesterday that actually Haylos documents to land registry had indeed been rejected by the land registry so the house that was built in 2018 and still vacant cannot be registered, so technically Haylo nor Linden should sell that house to anyone. Honestly if you buy off these guys you WILL lose money. So if I get no joy tommoro when I reply to Indre I will go to our local press to highlight our losses
Posted 1 year ago
I’m desperately trying to sell my shared ownership house that I own with Heylo. First of all they say that I could sell the whole or my share of the property, what ever best suited. Then told that a buyer could buy more shares if wanted. Then told on the share I had could be sold, and yesterday told that I could only sell the whole house. Can never get hold of any one on the phone and if I do they have now clue! Rude and won’t help. I’m stopping my direct debit just in the hope that some one will call me so then I can talk to them!
Posted 1 year ago
If I could give zero stars i would. I, myself, wasnt using Heylo to purchase, however, the people who offered on my house were unfortunately, had i known from the start, i would have rejected the offer, it was an absolute nightmare from start to finish.. we didnt quite get to the finish though due to the total incompetence of Heylo. So an offer was made, with Heylos approval. There were many stalling techniques used, eventually 6 months after accepting an offer, i myself called Heylo. This was June. I queried the delay, and was informed that although they had offered on my property, at which point they should prove funding available, they had since ‘re-allocated’ the money meant to purchase my house, hence the stalling techniques. What came next was a jaw opener... more funding was incoming on the 23rd July... WHEN JEREMY HUNT BECOMES PRIME MINISTER. I had to laugh at this point, there was a European investor, who was willing to invest, which would release funding to buy my house, 7 months after allowing an offer to be made, but only when Jeremy Hunt became prime minister... obviously this wasnt happening. I started discussing putting my house back on the market, as i had several times before, to which i had been told ‘it will definitely go through, you dont want to spook the buyers’. The man i spoke to started to get very aggressive, not professional in the slightest. Fast forward another month, im on a lovely holiday in the Caribbean. I get an email from my estate agent. HEYLO have come up with a solution... fantastic. Heylo were willing to pay for my buyers to rent my property from me until such a time that they could exchange and complete (with a promised end of Sept completion). Sounded like a good compromise, my new purchase with my partner, whose house had now sold too, was supposed to completing for end of Sept also. Several problems with this, firstly, i had a help to buy loan from the government. Letting is forbidden. Secondly, my mortgage was not a buy to let mortgage. As it was only for a month or 2, i reluctantly agreed as long as they drew up a contract that both myself, heylo and my buyers could sign. Heylo at this point informed my buyers that they could move in and rent my house (no contract). My buyers then agree an exchange and completion date on their sale. I chased a contract, to no avail. My buyers exchanged on their property sale. 4 days before my buyers completion, Heylo inform me, that i am the one who needs to draw up a contract... and to get in touch with my solicitor to make this happen. My solicitor advises me it is not possible, for the reasons above (not a buy to let etc) and in addition, because the people moving into my house, arent buying it directly from me, and dont have the funding to buy it without Heylo, so if Heylo were to pull out, i would be left with tenants i never wanted. Absolute joke. Understandably, at this point, my buyers need to find somewhere to rent, as 3 days later they have to move out of their home with their 7 year old daughter. A nightmare for both myself, and my buyers. After 7 months, they ended up effectively homeless, and i ended up back at square one. To sum up, my buyers, a young couple with a 7 year old daughter were almost left homeless, because of Heylos lies and incompetence. I am now about £15-20k out of pocket (not as bad as having nowhere to live granted). If you value a stress free life, do not want to lose thousands in money, or be left homeless i would highly recommend not buying or indeed selling to someone using Heylo.
Posted 1 year ago
Everything that is said here is true, corrupt company please avoid, don't let the excitement of getting a new house cover what this company actually does to you. unbelievable amounts of stress, cost me a lot of money and time. I honestly think Heylo housing should be properly investigated.
Posted 1 year ago
I was on the helptobuy Midlands website and came across a property I was interested in. It displayed Heylo homes as the seller and provided a telephone number and email contact. After sending an enquiry email and trying to contact them by phone it took me over a week to actually speak to someone about the property. The person I spoke to was nothing but rude. He was complaining to me that he keeps getting these phone calls about the property that he has nothing to do with. I have never come across such an unprofessional person. At the end of his rant he said that he could sell my house for me as a shared ownership property if I wanted. Even if I wanted to sell my home that way I will never use this company just based from that one phone call. Shocked.
Posted 2 years ago
Absolutely bad to the bone company..Corrupt money laundering greedy company. Please do not buy a home with them. It has cost me a fortune to sell my shared ownership flat. Totally incompetent company. The incompetence almost cost me my new home I was purchasing on the 11th hour.
Posted 2 years ago
Absolutely Terrible company. That is the best I can describe Heylo before going into much more detail. We made a big decision to buy a shared ownership property with Heylo Housing in January 2017, and our experience with them made our (eventual) move to our new home one of the most stressful experiences of my life, and to date, all of our issues still haven't been resolved despite living in the property for over four months now. We have had various problems with Heylo since the start of our home buying journey. When we first looked at our property, no carpets were installed, and we were told directly from Heylo that all flooring / carpets would have to be provided by us. We spent a few weeks gathering quotes and prices to lay carpet in the whole property, only to be told that Heylo are the ones that would be installing flooring. A waste of a number of hours. We were selling our old house, and we finally had a buyer who wanted to move in in May. I spoke to Heylo a few times, and they advised us that all of their paperwork was in place for May and we could exchange contracts on the same day we sold our current property. After a number of phone calls to Chloe who was dealing our purchase and contracts, and after we had completed the sale of our old address, we were told our new property wasn't ready. This resulted in my partner and children having to live in another house for a number of weeks, whilst I tried to sort the mess that heylo had left us in. Phone calls would then go unanswered, or we would receive a call back at the end of the day when it was too late to sort anything. Eventually after two weeks we were told everything was good to go, and we could move in at the end of that week. However, because of a changeover in their contracts, they'd stated the incorrect price of the property on their contract which needed to be rectified by our solicitor before the completion could take place, which then delayed us further by another 2 weeks. Heylo are completely inept at what they do. I wish I could say that our nightmare was a one off, but our neighbours all seem to have had the same problem with them. Their staff are completely unhelpful on the telephone, and thats if you can manage to get them on the phone in the first place, as most calls go unanswered. Even leaving messages doesn't result in a call back. Some of their staff have terrible attitudes, mainly Chloe who we had to deal with on a daily basis, who seemed to think it was our fault that the purchase hadn't gone through, even though it was the mistake with their paperwork and delays with their solicitor (Pinsent Mason's.) All in all, we have had a horrible experience with them, and our troubles are still far from over. Due to it being a new build property, there are obviously one or two snags which need to be rectified which were notified to both Heylo and Redrow Housing within a week of us moving in. It is now over 4 months since we bought our house, and 10 months since we originally put down our deposit to secure it, and the snags still haven't been addressed. Again, we are dealing with lack of communication and complete avoidance of our phone calls. If I could give any advice, it would be, do not use this company. That dream house might seem wonderful, but if Heylo are dealing with any part of it, expect months of problems and stress, and a hell of a lot of phone calls that will no doubt be unanswered.
Posted 3 years ago
heylo Housing is rated 3.90 based on 31 reviews