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About Cryptonary :

The cryptocurrency market is currently in its infancy stage and provides the greatest opportunity of our time for those willing to break out of their comfort zone and gain the practical experience to elevate their financial situation.

The Cryptonary online course we have crafted derives from years of experience since the early days of Bitcoin’s creation. We have spent the infinite hours analysing chart behaviour, gaining the necessary mentality for long-term investing and endured every common trap new investors suffer, so you don’t have to.

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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
I'm guessing there are thousands of customers (some of whom have already posted their grievances on this forum) who, like me, have either lost their money or become trapped into unprofitable positions that are being charged obscene holding fees by this company, Be smart to reach out @VeritasEtVirtus via TELEGRAM for your lost funds recovery he's a good API analyst in association with ASCE Anti fraud scheme body.
Hyping simple content. They also released a "2.0" video content version and changed membership to monthly payment type and told me that i'm a "legacy" content member. I paid for LIFETIME membership. The meaning of that is pretty simple.
Absolute shocking behaviour from basically what are subscription scammers and NOT traders. They sell courses and subscriptions. Everything else is a lie! You only see the wins on social media. I haven’t seen one member post any profits for months. A group of members are looking at reporting them to trading standards
I am a legacy member now after they had issues with their team members. Don't get any new market updates like they mentioned when i was buying the membership. Worthless company, don't buy any of their memberships as you may be another legacy member.
Can you give a zero star review? no it seems.

Where to being. Purchased course as soon as it was available, 2 years ago. All seemed good, with a certain individual running it, it was great. But very quickly that person left the company after a very public and plastered all over social media fight, very poorly handled by those running Astro FX / Everything FX / Cryptonary.

Members were then offered to pay a monthly sub ontop of the original £600 outlay - in order to keep getting the podcasts that they had been getting up till then. Paid up, and the podcasts never came, a few here and there, but I count less than ten in 10 months, not 2 a week then! Weeks go by without telegram updates and podcasts, zero info. More info can be had on instagram elsewhere for free.

DO NOT BUY this course, and if you have DO NOT pay more monthly for nothing.

Complaint filed with paypal for the monthly payments that have been for a service not fulfilled.

Terrible company, all funds go to the Astro boys and their 'social media lifestyle'.
Lost all my investment in crypto, Thanks to the skyrangerecovery team who helped me in getting it back, anyone who need help with lost bitcoin or made investment with the wrong broker should contact them they are professionals atleast am glad i contacted them support at skyrangerecovery dot net

Only posting because I don't want the same treatment I received for anyone else.

Initially, I asked to pay for the upgraded membership to get the perceived value from the so-called team at 'Cryptonary'. Only doing so as their pro-member bot was broken (entire month of sep.) Discord bots can be programmed in hours and they took more than a month to even recognize the issue.

Everything you can learn from them is posted online. All their teachings can be found for free.

Their bias over the month for btc of Sept. 2019 posted in the pro members group was bullish (check this because during this month the price of btc, for example, dropped 4000$). In regards to alts, a reversal and bottom were hit; retested and then calls made. Held positions for a month in which they then boast 4%.

There are a lot better business' providing mentorship that actually respect their members and provide an actual service.

Regurgitating well-known trading information for the Crypto industry is not good work.

So think about it, if they bank on a course that is just a copy of traditional trading techniques and doesn't provide regular market advice is this the right place to learn from? Answer is "No".

Check out - free course to learn the basics and go from their with research. The internet will teach you all.

If you're looking for signals go with CryptoShark - he's only using email (just started a twitter, is active on Instagram) at the moment but get in contact via

!!!!!Cryptonary is NOT WORTH THE MONEY!!!!!
I was one of the first customers when it launched, was okay to begin with mainly because the 2017 bull run happened around that time, after that it went downhill. Then Toray left for unknown reasons, and we were told the course would be revamped the new team would make up for it. After months with not much content at all, we (people who bought the course early on) were told that our membership was no longer valid and wed have to pay a monthly subscription to get the new content. Goes without saying that it is plain disrespectful. Will never buy from them again after that. The content is average at best, honestly taken no value whatsover from it all.
Scammmm anjing lu bajingan.... Makan tuh duit haram jancok
Worst "education" platform i've ever seen in my life. DOESN'T respond at all to emails. I've send my first email 4 WEEKS AGO. Eventually got response by replying to the original email with "any update yet, please?" once every week. I now get the response "Sorry can u send us our request again?". Like are you serious? Lol. They have removed my membership that costed me over $300 because they fired an old staff member? What does that have to do with me? Suddenly because someone new in the company runs the show every CURRENT MEMBER needs to REBUY THE WHOLE PACKAGE?
The best example beside the scam, is in the last 3,5 month he and his team Made 2 correct calls in crypto, Every other call went completely wrong. And the Guy who should explain you how to(learn iT the wrong way) doesnt even speak english(no offense). If you want to give money away, give iT to charity. Dont let the criminals enjoy it.
everything, he promised lifetime access, he never finished course 1 which was 600 dollar. he is an absolute fraud!
scamnary, absolute fraud.
scammer he is. he will steal your money and all of his crypto calls sucks. DONT BUY!!
Absolutely terrible and basic course that was offered as a lifetime guarantee for £600. In less than 2 years they want to charge on monthly subscriptions.
Charged for full month subscribtion although free trial was cancelled
Got charged for a full month subscription although free trial was cancelled.
They will scam you they have before and they'll do it again. spent 600 dollars on the course and all of a sudden they say they're adding a monthly fee if you want to stay enrolled. we were promised lifetime membership and now they decide to change their minds after making millions. Their lack of morals is astounding.
Here's the story.
A while ago myself like many others paid around £600 for this all singing, all dancing, you-cant-bend-it course. You get the course and find out it's a few 3/5 minute sparse lessons. But that's alright, because you're constantly reminded that there is more coming and they're 'changing the game up' and a bunch of other motivational idioms.
Next you sit and watch some eastenders, 90210, playground fall out within the team. Again with more reminders not to worry now this golden ticket of a membership is going to be like nothing you've ever seen.
Finally we become phased out, we become 'legacy' members and all that was promised to us fades, and progressively we receive news that you're no longer entitled to this or that.
For additional learning you can jump over to social media and receive subliminal putdowns about how the team are absolute mavericks, we aren't nor will we ever be on these demigod's levels.
Save your money, you'll learn more from youtube. The team is a bunch of sheep in wolves clothing. They act different, they're on a 'higher level' they aren't. They live in this bubble of egoism and throw the finger up laughing at everyone who buys the course trying to better themselves.
Everything i needed to say has already been said in the most recent 1-star reviews.

Utter disgrace of a company
Cryptonary is rated 4.32 based on 441 reviews