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About Cryptonary :

The cryptocurrency market is currently in its infancy stage and provides the greatest opportunity of our time for those willing to break out of their comfort zone and gain the practical experience to elevate their financial situation.

The Cryptonary online course we have crafted derives from years of experience since the early days of Bitcoin’s creation. We have spent the infinite hours analysing chart behaviour, gaining the necessary mentality for long-term investing and endured every common trap new investors suffer, so you don’t have to.

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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Cryptonary is a one of a kind program. Packed with everything you need to know about crypto currencies.
The course is more of an overview of investing in crypto and how its different to other types of investing rather than teaching you how to swing, day or intra-day trade. This is more long term play's, months and years (the big picture really) so don't expect a full on trading course.
I was expecting more action on the VIP telegram (more than one message per day at least) which has been kind of disappointing so far. However, I'm sure this course will be worth the investment in the long term but you need to really spend some time going through the material and podcast to get the most out of his experience and understanding of Technical Analysis and Trading.
Not worth the money. Very basic information which you can easily find online. Everything I learned is on the internet within reach.
Podcasts are not included where the majority of the analysis and fundamental news are talked about. Few updates a week. Sometimes an article from 1-2 days old (nothing new).
Good course for beginners with absolutely zero knowledge. But nothing for someone who actually did some research.
Main purpose is to teach and that is what it perfectly does ❤️
I wish the telegram had alot more information.
Its is also very difficult to follow Toray’s trades if he doesnt provide specific entry/exit levels.
A complete course to start with Cryptocurrency. If you already know about this market, maybe you can find some chapter’s informations a bit unnecessary, but others one, like mindset/long term strategy and technical analysis/ are gold nuggets. Moreover, the VIP Telegram Group is itself priceless. So, definitely I recommend this investment, both to newbie and advanced.
My guy never fails to deliver. Always on point as long as you are willing to learn with an open mind. Definite recommend for any crypto enthusiast.
I really like this course, very clear and set out very well, covers basics at the start and then gets in-depth. Voiced over perfectly and good personal touches.
I became involved in Cryptonary because of a friend and I couldn't be happier, this is not a signal group for people looking to make a quick buck or two without actually having to put in the work. Instead you are handed a 5 chapter outline created by the master him self Toray, teaching you and guiding you along your trading journey on how to become the best crypto trader possible. There is so much information packed into his course that I have personally gone over it 3 times and plan to do many more, this man changes lives. He has become my role model, and the course is definitely worth the price. Lastly your future self will thank you for making this investment so you won't have to wake up working a 9-5 for the rest of your life.
I've been a member since the beginning of this year and I have mixed feelings about Cryptonary. He's an honest, genuine guy with a couple of years of experience in trading and investing and he's definitely good at what he's doing, no doubt about it. His course is okay for a beginner investor, (not trader, because it's more like an investing course) but to be honest with a bit of research you can get that knowledge for way cheaper, even for free if you find the good educational twitter accounts, because there are decent ones out there. The Telegram group let's say, the content quality is declining rapidly. Lately it's been a lot of BTC margin trades (mostly 25x plus leverage) without providing ANY content on risk management. Putting these kind of stuff out there is very very irresponsible and just straight gambling. Yes, lot of people got lucky and profited, that's what you've seen on Instagram but with high leverage trading lot of people got burned as well. I've asked him to provide some risk management lessons in the VIP Telegram so we can actually learn something and not just gamble, hopefully it'll come through. I'm curious about the daytrading course but I'm not convinced that it'll worth the money. I've done a lot of research lately and found some great twitter accounts as well as some decent and cheap groups too where there's actual conversation, short term trades, margin trades with risk management, longer term perspectives, market breakdowns, educational room etc. The podcasts are out (2 episodes as of now) and I listened both of them. Honestly, it's nothing really new, I'm not saying it's not true or I don't agree with it but if you're a member you've heard these many many many times through voice notes and mini essays in his VIP group. If you have spare 600 pounds don't spend it on this. Do some research first on your own, there's plenty PLENTY of free, quality stuff out there. He's always saying this and it's so true: it's all about discipline, your mind and the psychology of trading and investing. But he CAN'T teach you that, nobody can, you have to invest some time on it and go through that experience on your own. Good luck.
Hi Cryptonary,

As a genuine member who had joined the team in early February, here are my two cents on the current scheme of things. Having spent a significant chunk of my savings to become a member, I went over all videos in the course to gain a better understanding of the crypto market back then. I had begun investing in cryptocurrencies in September 2017, so it was before the massive bull run kicked off. Once joined, things went smoothly. You would speak regularly on the likes of Ark, Neo, Iota and various other projects (including the new calls). It's been ages since I even heard these names from the VIP Telegram group. I regularly review these sites myself- eg. visiting here to check progress on their roadmap -
However, it is my opinion that things have taken a turn for now. With over 5000 members in the VIP telegram (around 3 million US in course earnings alone ! - assuming the number of members is correct though), Cryptonary is now adding additional podcasts and day trading courses. Firstly, why introduce the podcast when there were voice notes for the telegram group. As mentioned earlier, not all members in the telegram group are genuine - so why not simply move to a different platform altogether, or create a new group for which the link is not shareable. Additionally, regarding the day trading course, I'm not sure where did the idea of that come from. There are several great traders out there, in all markets (Fx, Stocks, Futures etc), and we all look to trade, but if you're going to develop a community, believe me, forget these additional courses or podcast that acts like pay per view and go all out - boom- straight faced content development - adding additional lessons to website for members - talking about the calls givens, their current scope, practical use etc. Hope to see some improvements on the member's side. We can work together to remove bogus members from the telegram chat, that is if we are on the same side ;) !
Very educating
Gold at the end of the rainbow 🙏
I had very little knowledge of Crytocurrencies, how to buy/ trade them or how to complete technical analysis...Most importantly I had NO IDEA how much mentality was a key part of trading - all of which I now have a great amount of knowledge and experience, thanks to this course and Toray's social media pages/ VIP Telegram.

This course, as well as following Cryptonary has given me an incredible starting point and unique foundation into Cryptocurrencies, and larger blockchain understanding. Honestly, in my opinion, the course is well worth the money and I'm sure in a year from now I will be laughing at the fact I even had to weigh up the cost benefit, to begin with, as will you.

Just be patient and take in as much information as you can!
Can't help myself from digging this material, theese straight arrows go directly into the key principals to succeed in this market from 0 knowledge. Definetly a huge step forward into any investment management ever done in crypto. Not to mention the trasnparency and brutally honest content which many people would not share as him does.

Happy to be a member!
yo toray we probably are the same age and chasing the same goals, i hope i turn out just like you did. you doing great boy. keep up

-From Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Excelent course but I was expecting more technical analysis, now waiting on the daytrading course.
Great Content and great interaction with the members. Some amazing work happening here.
Cryptonary is rated 4.33 based on 440 reviews