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+++DO NOT USE CLICK MECHANIC+++DO NOT USE CLICK MECHANIC+++ I had a service done at a VW main dealer giving my Golf a clean bill of health except it required a new water pump.
posted 10 months ago - blownupgolf
What is the point of giving a quote which is out by 20% - thats significant, and renders the service obsolete.
posted 11 months ago - M W
3195965 D Lawrence 1 review Published 4 seconds ago DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE I have had a bad experience with this service .
posted 11 months ago - Derek Lawrence
Well you may have gathered I will not be using this service again and I would advise anyone thinking of using them.
posted 1 year ago - Cliff
Poor service. I booked a full service for my car and the mechanic (Autoway LTD of Birmingham) never turned up to collect the car.
posted 1 year ago - AJ
Even though I have been using this service previously and initially thought is brilliant ,the last two experiences with them really disgusted me .
posted 1 year ago - LP
I think this service is truly dreadful and would advise people to stay away from them like the plague.
posted 1 year ago - Chris Messaritis