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We work closely with professional and FCA regulated brokers who can help you find the best homeowner loan rates available to you. With over 150 years combined experience, we’ve worked with all types of circumstances.


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Very helpful and excellent customer service team...highly recommendable.. when sorting my loan
posted 4 months ago - Gwendolyn Norman
Very good service, every detail well explained. All options given. Easy to talk to.
posted 4 months ago - Ruben Baldwin
Very factual and easy to understand - a good service
posted 4 months ago - Latoya Chapman
Choosing the best life insurance was both easy & hassle free - very pleased with the customer service!
posted 4 months ago - Saul Saunders
All simple and easy - from the website to the customer service and the support afterwards. Excellent service!
posted 4 months ago - Sagid V.
Outstanding Service! I had to get a new quote as my payment was blocked as fraudulent. This was resolved in no time by Amy, the friendly Choice Homeowner Loans advisor. Thanks!
posted 4 months ago - Laura Gregory
I was surprised to get such good quotes. Excellent customer service as well.
posted 4 months ago - Jay Rosenwinkel
Very efficient customer service - called me back 10 minutes after I requested a callback and offered me very good quotes. The whole process was les time consuming than I expected.
posted 4 months ago - Patricia Viner
Great customer service and straightforward questions
posted 4 months ago - Justin Bailey
The customer service was excellent. Everything was explained in detail and I understood the concept of taking out a loan now.
posted 4 months ago - John Watson