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I purchased a lotto " ticket" for £ 9.50 for a 300 lines on euro lotto and 200 scratch cards . Nothing has come back to me regarding when the tickets are valid from and if there are any winners . I fear this is a scam and should not be sold on living social .
Asked by STEPHEN WAYMAN (4 months ago)
Does anybody no how long it takes for the winnings to be updated?? I bought tickets for Friday night just they are still stared, I had 400 lines so obviously far to many to check for myself ... any Info on the winnings side of things would be appreciated thanks
Asked by Kirsty (7 months ago)
Will I be contacted with a win?
Asked by Linda Jordan (10 months ago)
I'm a new member for Cheekylotto. How can i contact the staff as there is no option to contact. I hope it responds.
Asked by Shibu John (11 months ago)
I have tried contacting them and no luck. The Website is not clear of how you can transfer your winnings.. So beginning to think its all a hoax..
Asked by Gillian (11 months ago)
How to cancel subscription
Answered by Stephen Oldfield (8 months ago)