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About Aperture IVA:

At Aperture IVA, it is our main goal to get you on the path to debt recovery and a brighter future!

We believe that everyone has the right to a brighter future and should be able to trust that they are receiving advice that is truly personal to their circumstances and offers the best solution for them and their families.

It is our promise to you that as an Aperture client, you will always receive support throughout your entire IVA journey. We will always do everything in our power to help you recover from your debt.

We take great pride in being able to work to a set of values that our clients have helped shape and build and these values make up the core of our service and our people. At Aperture, we love that our values are built around our relationship with you and we think that you will really be able to feel these values at work when you speak to our teams!

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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Courtesy and support where needed was top class. All strain and worry removed if you put your trust in Aperture. I cannot speak highly enough of their efforts on my behalf
Professional, personable, freed me of debt and anxiety
After aperture took over my IVA it was well managed
Before I started with Aperture my life was a mess, the help and assurances they provided gave me hope again. I’m now debt free and confident I will never go back to the way my life was. Would recommend to anyone,
When my world fell apart with my marriage then finding out she gambled all our saving and lost the house. I was well up to my neck in it so I went to get help and they told me about Iva with then grant Thornton’s now my life is amazing
it settled my mind and taken all financial worry away even when I had problems with the repayments
I was very cautious at first because it all seemed too good to be true.
After numerous phone calls and emails I decided to start the IVA and my five years is now completed and it is such a weight off my mind but equally having Aperture deal with all types of communication from the lenders was so easy and the staff were always so helpful and never patronising or rude because it was my fault I was in such a mess - they were always so understanding.
If I could have I would have thanked them all personally
Would definitely recommend them if I come across needing help like this in the future
Huge thank you to staff members at Aperature for making the whole process not too unbearable
During every contact with Aperture, for what ever reason I'd called or got in touch, I found them to be exceptional in regards to service. Not oly answering my initial enquiry but going out of their way to talk Mr through every aspect of my situation and offer advice on anything I needed. I genuinely received customer service above anything I have received elsewhere. Not something you would expect from a financial organisation.
Due to unemployment I was heavely in debt, with credit cards and loans taking all my salary. I really could not coupe, but by contacting Aperture, they were able to stop the interest and agree an amount I was able to afford to repay. My debt is now clear and I can live my life as normal again without credit and within my means. I am so glad I used their IVA and put my credit straight. Thank you.
Before I embarked on an IVA with Aperture I was in a very dark place financially. Phone calls from banks and credit card companies constantly, afraid of answering the phone, reading mail. Once I started the IVA, all this stopped and I was in a position to get on with my life. Now that it's completed, I've never felt so good. I have to say, the staff that have helped me with questions and queries along the way at Aperture have been brilliant, very understanding and easy to talk to, a genuine care for my well-being. For this I will be forever grateful to them.
Being able to go to bed at night and not have those dreaded thoughts about money and bills is amazing. Aperture are outstanding there customer service is second to none. Due to my ill health I had to rely on them and I'm so glad I did. Each and every member of their team are so understanding and try their best to put your mind at ease and help with any and every question you might have. My only regret is I wish I had of knew about them sooner. I can't thank them enough and I will be forever great-full.
I am more than happy to recommend and attribute service recieved from Apeture and others for the successful completion of my IVA agreement.

I have truly found the professionalism, support and understanding recieved exceptional.

I would definatly encourage anyone who is unfortunate to find themselves in financial difficulties to seek solution with Aperture.

They truly can help..!
Aperture (formally Grant Thornton) have been magnificent throughout my whole IVA experience. Recommended by the Citizens Advice Bureau, I have found them to be helpful and professional throughout. Always polite and reassuring, they have lead me through the journey to set up my IVA from interview and guidance at the start, to a point where I am now approaching closure of my IVA which will make me free from debt and able to restart my life and that of my family, whilst having protected my home and avoiding bankruptcy. Their expertise has given me confidence in an area where I had no experience or knowledge, and I would be more than happy to recommend their services to anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves in financial difficulty with insolvency, as did I. Good luck everyone, and fear not.... Aperture are here to help.
Great company very understanding very helpful
I'm coming to the end of my time with aperture, having taken me on from another company there service has been 1st class, always on end of phone if need them and very quick with emails, they will provide you with 100% commitment if you do the same, hopefully I wouldn't need to use again but if I did they would be my 1st call
aperture staff are brilliant helpful and friendly nothing is to much trouble and always good advise i would recommend them at the highest level
Three and half years ago, all I ever thought about was my debts; I went to bed thinking about it and woke up thinking about it. We didn’t go on lavish holidays, or have a top of the range house or car, our debts built up over a period of years, circumstances, job loss, and interest free credit card to the next interest free credit card until they stop and suddenly wham bam the interest starts to mount up. No spare cash at Christmas, so presents brought from catalogs for my two girls. Money worries, is one of the worst stresses you have to deal with in life and if like me you buried your head in the sand, didn't tell anyone and just hoped some miracle would happen, I can tell you now there isn't a quick fix. The first thing you have to do is admit to yourself there is a problem and it can no longer carry on, the next thing you need to do it talk about it and get advice.

So a chat to citizen’s advice, and we decided that the amount I owed was with various creditors so an IVA would be the best route. So they put me in touch with a lovely lady at Grant Thornton / Aperture, she rang me and we spoke at great length and suddenly for the first time in years I felt like I was starting to climb out of the hole I had fell into. She told me to stop paying my creditors straight away, which seemed rather strange as although I had a massive debt I always manged to scrape by and pay them. So the ball had started rolling and the time went quite quickly, so 3 months later was the day I waited to hear if our creditors would agree to the IVA terms. The call came in about 3pm and the answer was yes. I cannot fault the treatment we received from the staff at Grant Thornton/Aperture during these 3 months; they were professional, helpful and never once judged.

Fast forward 3 years, and we have just completed our third review, with 2 years to go the time has gone fast. I no longer wake up thinking about debt, yes money is still tight but the living allowance you are allowed is generous and we are better off now than we was before. I also feel happy that I am paying my debt back and by the end of the 5 years I would have paid back 95% of what I owed.

Over the three years I have had to speak to the customer services on various occasions, I recently had to buy a new second-hand car as mine had died and just a quick call to Aperture and my mind was put at rest, two month break allowed me to get the car.

Best thing I did was pick the phone up and ring Grant Thornton/Aperture 3 years ago. Highly recommend them if you have money worries, don’t stay in that hole, climb out now.
I am just entering my third year of my IVA and the last two years have been the calmest I have felt in a very long time. The decision to enter into an IVA is very frightening and feels like one of the biggest decisions you will ever make, my experience of Aperture was that from the very first phone call they were helpful, supportive and friendly. I was so concerned about my life being 'taken over' but this hasn't been the case at all. What the IVA and Aperture have done is to give me peace of mind and somewhere I can go to for help and advice. The process seems daunting at first and gathering the information to send them seems massive but all you need to do is send them everything related to your debts and they will collate it all and make sense of it for you. Once it is set up you just do an annual review of your income and expenditure and send this to them. The review is not onerous but will enable you to know that you are on track and another year has passed. My only advice to someone thinking of entering into an IVA with Aperture is not to be afraid to ask, don't sit on concerns and worries because they become bigger in your mind, a phone call to them will quickly answer your question and allay your fears. For anyone struggling with debt I would recommend Aperture without hesitation, very quickly you realise that you don't have to be afraid of the phone ringing or the post coming anymore, your debtors will liaise entirely with Aperture and will not ever contact you directly. The peace of mind and knowing that there is an end in sight is worth so much for your ongoing peace of mind.
Could do with a bit more feedback on how things are progressing, especially any successful PPI claims etc. Otherwise a good service.
Aperture IVA is rated 4.90 based on 518 reviews