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Designed for use with all of our 12 volt and 24 volt single colour and RGB colour strip lights our 45° Aluminium profile gives you the perfect finish for your LED strips as well as changing the effect you achieve thanks to the angle they sit at. As they have an internal width off 11.2mm, you unfortunately would not be able to install either of our RGBW LED strips or LED Pixel Tape due to their width. Like our full range of Aluminium profiles, they come with all of their necessary mounting brackets and end caps for surface mounting. Due to their ability to be surface mounted, they can be installed in almost any situation that the LED strip lights can be installed such as commercial use, under cabinet & plinth as well as decorative outdoor lighting. Introducing SlimPro With a greatly improved design, the new SlimPro line of aluminium profiles will be able to dissipate heat at a rate not seen before. This can double your LED strip’s life expectancy by massively decreasing the heat pressures on it. This new SlimPro design also looks much more professional, with a stylish stainless steel look, and the choice between two different diffuser colours. Giving Your LEDs A Strong Finish All of our Aluminium profiles have the option of being installed with or without a respective diffuser. The diffusers available come in either a clear or frosted finish with an extra cost of only £1.67 per metre. Alongside the aluminium profiles, the diffusers provide for a complete, robust installation for the LED tapes. They both also help get a different effect depending on the diffuser installed. The clear diffuser doesn't offer any form of light diffusion and because of this, it is used mainly in areas where the strip lights are not visible. For example, under cabinet lighting. However, the frosted diffuser can be used to give an effect that has more of a wash. On the other hand, the frosted diffuser offers a lot better light diffusion making it brilliant for any installation where the strips are visible, such as promotional stands. Making Your LED Strips Last Longer And Longer Despite mainly being used for their aesthetic qualities, Aluminium profiles also offer a second, beneficial quality. Obviously they are made of aluminium, which is a very effective dissipater of heat meaning that the life of the LED strips mounted inside can experience a longer life. With a lifespan that is already huge at 50,000 hours, use of Aluminium profiles will be able to extend this lifespan by up to 50% to 75,000 due to Aluminium's effectiveness with heat dissipation. Great Discounts For A Great Appearance Being fully applicable to our full range of LED discount codes, you can make savings of up to 20% on our full range of Aluminium profiles and their diffusers. You can further these savings by another 10% when buying 5 or more due to our...

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Adamos Papadamou
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Charlie Beeden
Excellent quality and easy to fit
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Paul Mullineaux
This extrusion was used to mount an LED strip inside a display cabinet and is highly recommended, making the light easy to fit with 'Sugru' silicone compound (not a bath seal) and acting as a heat sink for the LEDs and a mount for the front diffusion filter. Makes the whole job easy and professional.
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John Rogers
Bought 2 of these profiles for wall under cabinet lighting, and they seem to be a good quality well finished extrusion. They come with a diffuser of your choice. However, the mounting clips leave I think leave a lot to be desired. I would have liked more that 2 clips per metre rail length. Instead of direct down light, the light with these profiles is projected to the back wall and onto the work surface when the profiles are mounted behind the cabinet lighting pelmet which what was intended. These mounting rails I think are expensive for what they are but are essential if the LED lights are to be kept on for extended periods to ensure longevity. Hope this is helpful....
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Darryl Seager
easy to trim to size. it can be a little tricky to get the led light strip into place and' bedded' - my fingers were just to fat lol
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