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With its Cylindrical design, the Round Aluminium profile can help install your LED strip light at any angle letting you achieve almost any effect you'd like. As it has an internal width of 11.2mm, it can house all of our single colour, dual colour and RGB LED strip lights, but this internal width means that our RGBW & RGB LED Pixel Tape cannot be installed in it.
The versatility of the Round Aluminium profile means that it can be installed in a huge range of areas, like the LED strips that go inside them. Because of this they have use in any room in the house, a host of outside options as well as being very effective at commercial designs such as trade stands.
As with most of our Aluminium profiles, the Round profile comes with all necessary end caps and brackets for installation as standard, you can also purchase more them if you wish to cut the profile down to size.
Achieve The Ultimate Effect Or Your LED Strip Lights
All of our Aluminium profiles designed for strip lights are available with the option of having a diffuser either with or without them. Available in either a Frosted diffuser or Clear diffuser you will be able to complete the finish of your LED strip light installation for an extra £1.67 per metre.
Both diffusers can help offer more physical protection for the LED strips, but each offer completely different, distinct effects from one another. The frosted diffuser offers better light diffusion than the clear diffuser due to its translucency.
This means that the frosted diffuser is hugely versatile and mainly used when the strip lights are either directly visible or are very near to line of sight. This translucency means that it is used more in installations like commercial projects or decking lights.
Also available is the clear diffuser which, unlike the translucency of the frosted diffuser, is transparent. This transparency means that it is used mainly used in installations where the LED strip light installation is not directly visible.
This lack of light diffusion means that the clear diffusers are mainly installed in perimeter lighting for dropped ceiling or in under cabinet lighting.
Add More Life Your LED Strip With The Right Profile
Despite being used for their visible qualities most of the time, the profiles also have a second, invisible quality.
As they are made from Aluminium, they are an efficient dissipater of heat meaning the strip can last up to 50% longer than the estimated lifespan if installed correctly.
Take Advantage Of Amazing Price Reductions
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Phil Barrington
Used this in a loft extension as the round profile fitted into the 'ridge' of the ceiling pretty well. I had a 'limited' run so was able to tread the diffuser into the channel. I don't think you can push the diffuser on from the front but I did not try too hard as it was not a problem for me.
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Robin Barton
Nice profile with good end caps
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