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Download the spec sheet for the Spectric Single Colour LED Strip Lights (30 x 5050 SMD, 7.2W, 510 Lumens) here. Usable in all aspects from under cabinet lighting, under plinth and general backlighting, you will be able to add brilliant task and effect lighting to any room with the Mirrorstone 7.2w/m Single Colour LED Strip Light. With a self-adhesive 3M backing, you can stick the strips directly onto your surface of choice. Due to the wide range of surfaces that the LED Strip Lights are stuck to, we unfortunately cannot guarantee the adhesive on all surfaces. Also, please note that the IP67 LED Tape does not come with the 3M Adhesive. As well as being adhesive, these strips can also be cut down to the nearest 100mm so you can achieve precise lengths suitable for your needs. Please remember too that all LED Tape orders come with a 5cm tail as standard. If you require longer lengths, this will come at an additional charge, and you will need to specify these in your order. Did you know that all of our LED Tape is dimmable? Simply use alongside a dimmable driver to alter the brightness! You can also benefit from our range of discount codes that are ran on our website and make savings of up to 20% on your order. Please note that all IP67 and IP68 tape comes in lengths of up to 5m max, and will not fit in any of our aluminium profiles. IP65 tape comes in maximum lengths of up to 25m, and will be soldered tape to tape every 5m for any lengths over 5m. Although 25m lengths are available in this way, there is no guarantee that it can be ran continuously due to power drop. Please get in touch with us if you require further information about this. IP20 tape may or may not come soldered tape to tape, as this depends on how it arrives to us from our suppliers. Find further information on Strip Lights on our FAQs page. Introducing Spectric The brand new Spectric line of LED strip lights will massively improve your lighting experience. These strip lights bring more vivid lighting, with a greater lumens to energy expenditure ratio than ever before. The life expectancy has been increased, with a whopping 50,000 hours of usage delivering a versatile light every single time. IP Ratings And Installation Locations Our LED strip lights come in a variety of IP ratings (waterproofing) to allow them to be fit in a wide range of areas. The available IP ratings and the general guidelines for where they should be used are detailed below: IP Rating Usage IP20 IP20 rated tape comes without any silicone covering on it and has no protection from any form of water. IP20s main usage is in internal lighting such as under plinth and under cabinet lighting. IP65 IP65 rated LED Strip Lights come with a silicone cover on the strip to protect it from splashes and jets of water. The main usage of IP65 is within bathrooms, it can also be used in the kitchen for protection against steam from cooking. IP67 LED Strip Lights that are IP67 rated come with a silicone surround to protect the strip from water of up 1 metre. Generally IP67, is used externally in water features and decorative garden lighting. IP68/IP68 Nano IP68 is where the LED Strip are completely encased in silicone for full waterproofing up to 10 metres. IP68 Nano posses all the waterproofing qualities of standard IP68 but with the physical appearance of IP20. General usage is for ponds, pools etc. All LED Tape is charged by the metre, and when ordering please round...

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Barrie Darby
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John Fulton
Did the job just perfect
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I would have given it 5 stars but I found that the cutting points were not completely regularly spaced. Mainly the cut was spaced at every three LEDs but every approximately 500mm there was a gap of six LEDs. I bought 2m of strip with the intention of cutting it into 2 X 500mm lengths and one each of 600 and 400mm. The 400mm, 600mm and 500mm were to be connected together in that order from the power supply. I found that I could not obtain a 600mm length using the cutting guides so had to make do with reducing it to a 500mm length.
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James Douglass
Nice and bright, a good white colour, very poor glue which after three days moiunting under our cupboard has necessarily been pushed back at the ends twice now... so really, unless you are putting them on (rather than under) a horizontal surface, they are going to prove to be unfit for purpose. I ordered 10m (no cuts) and received 2x 5m lengths with solder tails.
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Lukasz Sudol
Great seller,high quality product
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Peter Towers
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Bryan Huckerby
Great light strip especially when used with SlimPro aluminium profile. LED's are extremely bright and look great as undercounter lights in my bathroom. The IP67 rating means I dont have to worry about splashes from the shower.
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Forbes Innes
Great product and service apart from not asking how long wires required, only 10 cm and for multi cuts found this to be strange as a most of us have never installed these before, should ask how long wires required especially for multi cuts
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