InfinityPlus 50W PIR Motion Sensor/Dusk Dawn LED Floodlight, 5000 Lumens Reviews

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Please note that the Black finish will be backordered until the end of April 2021. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Keep your property safe from danger with this Mirrorstone InfinityPlus 50W PIR Motion Sensor/Dusk Dawn LED Floodlight. Whether you’re looking to replace your current Floodlight, or you’re just looking to increase security outside your home, this LED is perfect for your homes exterior. The IP65 certification paired with the durable glass and tough aluminium construction ensure that the Floodlight can stand up to whatever weather nature can throw at it. A power consumption of just 50W means you’ll be making huge savings compared to an equivalent 500W halogen Floodlight, with further savings available from various promotional codes. Introducing InfinityPlus Protect your home and loved ones with an InfinityPlus Floodlight from Mirrorstone Lighting. With a sturdy body and handle, these waterproof units emit in a triple-white cycle. This means you benefit from Warm, Cool and Daylight White with the push of a button. With a textured glass cover and toughened aluminium compound body for added protection against any weather, opt for either PIR or a Dusk/Dawn sensor too for this security light to shine with an increased number of lumens. Perfect For Outdoor Use This 50W Floodlight uses a series of Surface Mounted Diodes (SMD) and has a beam angle of 120o, resulting in a huge area of light coverage. Coupled with 5000lm of light, the end result is a Floodlight that covers large outdoor areas with ease. Depending on your choice of exterior décor, the Floodlight is available in Black or Grey finishes. It also comes with a triple-white cycle, allowing you to switch between Warm White (3000K), Cool White (6000K) and Daylight (4000K) by switching the unit on and off. The Warm White replicates the colour of the light offered by traditional halogen Floodlights, offering a seamless transition over to LED. However, the Cool White offers a more penetrating light, and provides a slightly brighter end result. Down the middle is Daylight, giving you the brightness of cool with the softness of the warm. Safety First With PIR Motion Detection Or A Dusk Dawn Sensor Saving you the trouble of a separate purchase, our LED Floodlights come with a choice of a PIR Motion Sensor or a Dusk Dawn Sensor. The motion PIR sensors detect the presence of any approaching burglars or intruders and will instantly activate the Floodlight, acting as a highly effective deterrent. This also helps you save even more money, as the Floodlight is only switched on when needed. The Dusk Dawn sensors detect the ambient light level and switch the Floodlight on once it gets dark - providing you with another way of making your outdoor lighting even more efficient. LED Lights Providing Long Term Savings Outdoor Floodlights can be a huge inconvenience to replace, both in terms of money and practicality. However, our LED Floodlight boasts 30,000 hours of life, offsetting the need to get the ladders out so frequently. This means an estimated lifetime of over 10 years. Hassle Free Returns and 3 Year...

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Steven McGuire
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Roy Palmer
It dose what it says on the advertisement
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Shabbir Jogiat
Excellent modern look Easy to install Expensive but worth it
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Alan Marks
Great light, bought three 50W LEDs. One gone faulty just after one day, After the initial adjustment the led came on and stayed on will not go off. Had to disconnect the led and hopefully will receive new one shortly. will let you know the outcome.
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Edward Hislop
The only reason for 4 stars is the arm supporting the Sensor needs to be longer. When you see the picture the sensor is below the light and light is pointing up. When you hang the light and pointing it downwards the sensor is partly hidden behind the light casing. It was easy to wire up and hang. It has a good light distribution and good build quality. With a little tinkering I have managed to set it up to come on at the right ambient light level.
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Does this have a override switch?
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Dear Steffano Please switch on & off 3 times for override Kind Regards Vishal
great light great delivery
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Clive Underhill
1. It works and is very bright - dazzling to look at. The PIR works well. 2. It is BIG, about twice the size of the tungsten filament PIR floodlight it replaced. 3. It came without instructions or fixings. What you want to think about is how high up to mount it to light a given area. I put it 8 feet above ground and it should probably have been higher. 4. There are adjustments on the PIR but no information about how to set them. I just set them all half way. 5. I don't know how long it will last - the LED is not replaceable.
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