Intelec Dull Emitter Ceramic Infra-Red Bulb ES fitting 100W Reviews

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Intelec Dull Emitter Ceramic Infra-Red Bulb ES Fitting 100W . Gives heat but no light. CE Marked. This bulb provides a natural day and night for the animal and does not destroy vitamin B. Suitable for the Intelec Lamp range. Suitable for chicks, piglets, pets or anything that requires a heat source to keep warm. This also reduces feather pecking. Available in 60W, 100W, 150W and 250W. Product codes; 630115, 630125, 630130 and 630135 

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Stapleton LaneBarwell

Good bulb that works well but disappointed I had to replace it so quickly. Fitted this time last year in my dogs kennel, not used since April and when I came to use it in September the base of the bulb had corroded. Fitted in a sheltered dry space, shouldn't rust that easily.
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Posted 8 months ago