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Midas MR18 18 Input Digital Mixer

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Patrick D
This is a brilliant wee mixer. sound quality is exceptional! once you get over the slightly non-intuitive and multi-version interfaces available I have not found it incapable of doing what I need it to do Stand next to the sound source with a tablet or phone and sort it out stand in the middle of the band with the tablet & phone and sort monitor mixes direct multichannel interface with a Mac or PC via USB the only thing get some kind of a remote with physical faders for FOH mixing, for other stuff, turn it on set & forget
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Posted 2 years ago
Fantastic little box. I chose the Midas MR18 over the Behringer XR-18 for the slightly better pre-amps and power supply. The quality of sound is superb with no discernible noise in use, and the routing is terrific. What really makes this unit go so easily is the various apps on all the common platforms - easy to use, quick to set up, and simple to store. A lot has been said about the low-end router included. It hasn't given me any problems as I operate quite nearby and always do a scan of clear frequencies first. In any case you can always attach an external router or plug directly into your laptop (or iPad using an ethernet adapter). Can't see me ever going back to my old analogue gear again. This thing's a game-changer. Delighted - Well done Behringer/Midas!
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Posted 3 years ago