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Aine O
I got the vanilla & barberry nut butter. If I'm honest its only ok compares to the rest of the Wyldsoons products I have had. I think it may be a required taste! I'm just not mad about it but sometimes enjoy it as chewy snack and will still all get eaten.
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Aine O
Tastes Amazing, it's easily my favourite nut butter! A great healthy and nutritious treat to snack on. Delicious with banana pancakes, spread on rice cakes A lot of devepline is required to stop eating it all directly from the tube!
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Ainslie H
Great texture and taste. If you want good, clean, natural food without sugars, syrups, or other junk, this is a great product. It comes in a simple jar with the key product information printed right on the jar, so it's really easy to recycle when it's empty. It's also designed so that you can use all the product (the nut butter doesn't get stuck under the lip of the jar like many other brands).
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Catriona K
Top quality nut butter so jammed pack with good stuff you don't need too much of it so a little really goes a long way. A super little clean treat with a slice of apple
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Jenny L
What a super product - great combo of nut and seed. Versatile and tasty for any part of the day but I find it brill for the 11am or 4.30 pm when I need something good with some fruit, rice cake, dates or anything really! One of my favourites!
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Kevin S
Very tasty with the barberries adding a nice kick. Possibly more of a treat than regular almond butter but a healthy treat nonetheless.
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Shane H
I have to say I have endured nut butters in the past! but this Vanilla Nut Butter is on a whole new level. I've had it in porridge, on toast, with brown soda bread or just with bananas. It is great value for money and I will be purchasing it again
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Pat B
Great for mixing in the Nutribullet or having with some banana after an exercise session.
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