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How would you rate the value for money of this product?
I previously owned, for many years, the Weider Pro 290 DC. That was a great bench and I only stopped using it because the seat broke. Something I am now looking into fixing with as much speed as humanly possible. This is due to the fact that I have just parted with £250.00 for a very disappointing bench leaves me with no other option than to attempt a repair on my previous bench. I was imagining that this would be, almost, an upgrade. However, this is not the case. So, to split this into positives and negatives. Positives: Nice gun metal dark grey Designed for using Olympic size weights and bars (2 inch diameter hole) Multiple levels of incline. Negatives Preacher pad - This is neither well balanced or securely fixed. I am curling 100-130lbs on the preacher and the pad is so unstable, this has made this exercise impossible. On my old bench, the metal shaft was square and this fitted into a square insert and provided a secure stable preacher pad. The new one is a round shaft which is not as large a diameter as the insert in the bench. They have used a plastic surround insert to cater for this. As you use the preacher system, the whole thing moves and the plastic insert works it's way out. It is a dreadful design. Seat - This is considerably longer than the 290 DC bench and so, for me of a slightly smaller stature, this leaves the bench in it's full upright position too far behind me to be of any use. This is a problem for when using the leg extension facility. Freestanding barbell rack - I am 5'7 and the barbell rack at it's highest level offers the barbell at just about the right height to take off and squat. This is a negative because i am short and this would be a serious annoyance for anyone taller. Squatting would require them to lift the weight out to start. Barbell cradle - I, personally, feel less confident with these than i did with the 290 DC which was a cradle directly welded and above the upright. The new cradles hook on an protrude forward at 90 degrees to the upright. I am only benching a max of 240lbs but, i am not inspired with confidence to push above this. This is just psychological i am sure but, you need to feel sure about this before a lift, with no distractions in your mind. Overall, the bolting together and build felt secure and solid and it looks great but, practically, it is not the same bench and my old 290 DC had lasted my about 5 years. I am now investigating to find someone who can repair this. This is a poor substitute. Easily the biggest disappointment is the preacher pad, which is utterly unusable.
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Posted 1 year ago
How would you rate the value for money of this product Good
This bench is good value for money as it can support a good user weight and also load weight. Many cheaper ones are not able to do this. It is of solid construction but the preacher curl pad is only MDF and effectively screwed on so when doing a curl it is massively unstable! Very disappointing. Haven't used the squat rack yet.
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Posted 3 years ago
I wanted a piece of gym equipment that would help me to do a serious workout at home and the Weider 490 was a good choice. Although it just a weight bench, all of its attachments help me to work on my upper and lower body muscle groups. I really like its very solid and sturdy design. Now I have my own gym home!
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Posted 5 years ago
I chose Weider 490 DC bench, as it offers an impressively high total weight capacity. Despite my heavy weight of 231lbs I can still exercise with more than 100kgs of plates. Definitely well-constructed and solid. I�d recommend it to all body-builders.
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Posted 5 years ago
This bench is perfect for home use. It gives you great workout possibilities and fits perfectly even to smaller flats. I really like doing my circuit training with 490DC. It is also very stable and guarantees no movements restrictions.
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Posted 5 years ago
The 490DC bench is extremely solid and robust. I really like its design and the range of workouts that are possible to do using it. It took some time to put it together but its instructions are clear to follow. At this price, the Weider represents great value for money.
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Posted 5 years ago