DKN XC-160i Elliptical Cross Trainer Reviews

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How would you rate the value for money of this product?
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Posted 2 years ago
How would you rate the value for money of this product?
The XC-160i comes in a single box which is a 2 man lift, so if your training area is 1st floor or above it is better to unpack it and take it up in sections. I did a lot of research before purchasing this item, and similar to other buyers it took me 2.5 hours to put it together using the simple steps in the guide book. The machine is sturdy and robust, but can be assembled by one person with the exception of connecting the joints for the electric cable supplying the Display monitor, which is very fiddly (note to manufacturer - these cable could do with being a couple of inches longer) This cross trainer moves quietly and smoothly and is as good as any I have used (including commercial cross trainers in gyms). It has enough programmes to keep you interested and drive your fitness forward. At 1.8m high the trainer dominates my home gym, but it's not very wide so it has a similar footprint and takes up as much space as a Concept 2 rower. Expensive but you get what you pay for.
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Posted 3 years ago
Nicholas A
How would you rate the value for money of this product Very Good
Good, solid x trainer for the money. Wheel is heavier than any others in this price bracket and runs near silently. Runners are the only audible noise during training but I'm pretty sure it's quieter overall than any other x trainer that had external rails. Apps are OK. No flexibility on the iworld one to manually increase resistance so unless you pick an all uphill route is difficult to set yourself a challenge. It does add an interesting enough distraction though and the Motion app stores and tracks your efforts, which is handy. Overall though the apps could be so much better and I can't really understand why they don't put a few quid into professionalising them. I had no problems with connectivity though, which I see some reviewers have complained about. Machine itself has plenty of options for varied 'runs' and the resistance transitions very smoothly with no additional noise. In my opinion the installation and construction is hard work. Nothing difficult as such but the main section is very heavy and there's well over 100 parts including screws and washers etc. Probably took me four hours in total. Wish I'd paid someone to do it on delivery.
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Posted 4 years ago