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Plastic Lawn Edging 800mm + 4 PinsWhen laying plastic pavers or creating a neat edge on a lawn it is important that a clean boundary is achieved. Without this gravel can merge into the grass, and grass into gravel giving less than desirable results.Many products on the market are made from low-quality thin materials that deteriorate over time. They can be hard to work with and ultimately produce an inferior finish. EcoGrid StellaGreen flexible lawn edging offers a smart, simple system that is incredibly durable, easy to work with and will stand the test of time. It is manufactured from a similar material to our paver ranges, yet its design allows it to interlock, flex and form intricate shapes. It comes supplied complete with 4 pins per length of 80cm. Creating A Simple Bed With Grass EdgingIn this simple example, we will show you how to outline a bed with lawn edging, showing just how easy great results can be achieved. The same method could be applied to the edging being placed around a driveway, or pathway reinforced with ground grids. Step 1 Turn the edging upside down and pin it into place, this will provide a line to follow for your design. Step 2 Cut the existing turf with a shovel using the pinned lawn edging as a guide. Step 3 Remove any turf from within the border leaving an empty space for the bed, gravel or pathway. Step 4 If using a Geotextile membrane this is the time to install it into the void, along with any plants. Step 5 Pin down your chosen membrane (if using one) along with the edging using the supplied pins. Step 6 Infill the area with your chosen aggregate. Your gravel will now no longer merge into the lawn, and vice versa. Creating A Smooth Border Against a Grid Driveway. Even though all our grid pavers can be cut to shape, cutting curves can be quite a task to do neatly. This product can be run alongside the square edges of the path or paved area to smooth off what could otherwise be a stepped border. This produces a much more aesthetically pleasing end result that will need less maintenance. Segregate different gravel types In the example above, you can see how the lawn and pathway edging has been used to segregate different colours of gravel. This produces an elegant and clean finish that is very pleasing to the eye. Available In Black Or Green We carry both colours of these edgings in stock ready for dispatch. Each length of 80cm comes with four pins to secure it. Further pins are available separately. Have questions about this lawn edging system?Give us a call on our sales number 01905 794 875 and speak to one of our team. They will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have. We have bulk discounts available on this product too, be sure to ask our team if you need a large quantity!

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Peter Orme
Seams much stronger than other makes, Slightly more expensive than others but worth it.
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Nicola Andria
Impressed with the quality, it is very sturdy and I don't doubt it will last a long time
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Michael Halpin
Excellent product, good quality and ts quick as well as easy to put down. My only comment on product would be to maybe have or offer shorter pegs for holding the edging down. It's fine if there's a good depth of soil but alot of modern houses are built on tips or the builders dumped rubble and then stuck 6 inches of soil on top so quite a few had to be shortened. However that's a minor quibble.
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Ian Froggett
Did the job really well and had produced a pleasing, robust finish. A bit fiddly at times buy the end result was worth it.
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Good quality and sturdy. Excellent for the job we wanted it to do.
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Joan Bates
Easy to use and very useful. It has stayed in place.
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Glyn Evans
This edging system is better than I had imagined. The quality of the product is very robust and it is very quick and easy to use. The end result is a very sharp division between my gravel path and flower beds. For the cost of this product I would recommend it before any other edging that I have come across to date.
1 Helpful Report
The product is excellent, absolutely ideal for edging, pleased I found it.
1 Helpful Report
Hannah Johnson
Easy enough to install, going to buy more in the future.
1 Helpful Report
Gary Callaghan
Great product. Strong yet flexible. Easy to fit. Looks really nice.
2 Helpful Report