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Instant Pothole Repair Compound - 25kg A complete and permanent repair solution for any pothole. This system gives the same performance as hot material. Requires no special preparation to the area, simply remove any loose debris, and then pour the Viafix in. Level the surface with a trowel, apply water and compact down for a long lasting repair. Independently Tried and Tested Used all over the UK to repair highway pot holes it is fast and effective! It is the ultimate instant pot hole solution. Its ability to be applied quickly makes Viafix a viable alternative to hot repairs . Did you know Viafix has had rigorous long term tests carried out on its performance by Surrey County Council? See the lab report under Downloads to see it s outstanding performance for yourself. Fast And Easy To Use Step 1 Soak the area with plenty of water, Viafix is water activated so it works really well on rainy days or even if the pothole is full of water. Step 2 Tip in the Viafix, you can pack it down manually (with a tamp or the back of a spade), or just drive over it (with your car or road traffic). So long as it is packed in before it sets you are good to go. Step 3 Soak it again & open to traffic, that really is how simple Viafix installation is. Even when setting it will not stick to tyres or rut when being driven over - this means a rapid repair! Should I get the Tub or the Bag? Viafix Bag 6 Months Shelf Life Lower price Same Great product Viafix Tub Easier to Store 12 Month Shelf Life Further Options This listing is for 6mm sized aggregate ideal for almost all applications. For small repairs, such as on pavements a 3mm nominal aggregate size is also available. Please call for a quotation.

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Arthur Holmes
Followed advice on video. Excellent.
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Derek Brown
We've used it before. The ground subsided again but much more. Viafix allows the thinnest of repairs around the edge of subsidence and it stays there. 6 years since the last repair and the original edges are secure. A really great ground breaking! product.
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Does what it says on the Bag
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Tony Holland
In error i ordered the Bag and not the tub, when i opened the bag 20% of the mixture had already gone off as the bag was damaged. The product is excellent but that was very dissapointing, always order the tub, not the bag.
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Oliver Smith
Bought 6 bags as a test for my driveway. Impressed - ordered another 20 to finish it off.
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We run a busy shopping centre with over 40 acres of car parks. VIAFIX offers us a quick and easy alternative to traditional repairs. With traffic disruption kept to a minimum we can work at times of day which would have otherwise been impossible.
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Clive Brown
Simple to use. Did a repair last year to another pothole and still in prefect condition. Very strong repair.
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Ian Dundas
The Viafix product made the perfect finish to a DIY repair I made to a collapsed yard drain in the center of my driveway. Viafix worked easily into the 5cm hole directly from the tub and bonded really well with the concrete substrate in damp conditions. It was easy to level off to the match the contours of the drain edge. The aerosol Via sealant allowed me to get a very neat edge on the joint with existing tarmacadam which I cut with a broad chisel and the metal drain surround.
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