Adafruit Triple-axis Accelerometer + Magnetometer (Compass) Board Reviews

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Once the correct libraries are installed and the chip has been calibrated to my region I have found this to be very precise. It took quite a large amount of googling to find the right way to achieve what I wanted this component to do. Yet I've achieved a tilt compensated compass heading with this. Excellent product.
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Posted 7 months ago
worked first time. arrived quickly.
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Posted 10 months ago
Author didn't leave any comments.
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Posted 1 year ago
The LSM303 is the perfect choice if you want to get an accelerometer working on a Raspberry Pi without any hassle. It is easy to wire up (connect SCL to Pi pin 3 [SCL1], SDA to Pi pin5 [SDA1], gnd to Pi pin6 [gnd] and 3v3 to Pi pin1 [3v3]. Simple! Then download and install the Adafruit library and you'll be up and running in no time.
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Posted 4 years ago