Pimoroni Ltd Picon Zero - Intelligent Robotics Controller for Raspberry Pi

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"The Picon zero is a highly versatile robot controller and I was amazed how well it works in conjunction with my raspberry pi zero w and my HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor- it all just slots in. The python library included makes it even easier to write your own code. I intend to use this for a robotics project as I have tried before but things weren't as simple and I didn't complete the project. I would highly recommend this controller to beginners and pros alike as the software and hardware of this hat is awesome. My only suggestion is to add an extra usb port so that you can tinker with the code on the Atmega328p (arduino basically) so that you could also use it like an arduino hat and mess about with the code in arduino IDE. Conclusion: I have found this hat very helpful Five Stars. Would highly recommend!"
Helpful Report
Posted 2 years ago
"I've built 2 robots using the PiConZero so far. Given there are so many types, it's rare I return to one. However, there are some things I really like about it: * Form factor - the size, fitting on a zero, and leaving clearance for the camera cable on the Pi 3 has been vital to SkittleBot and Tankbot. * Code - a nice simple library, which can be installed as part of a pibakery recipe makes it neat. It also comes with a nice bunch of working Python demos. * Wiring - there's little wiring needed - screw terminals for motors and power, with gvs for sensors and servo's keeps it very neat. Skittlebot was a mess before I swapped out breadboards + L298 for this. * Support - Pimoroni and 4tronix are easy to get hold of on twitter. * Perhaps my only criticism is the short header connector - it's good if you want to use shims but can be a bit floppy and bend down - a couple of stand offs to bolt it to the pi, or longer header would help here. If you want to see my action shots - check out my Tankbot and Skittlebot builds on Orionrobots at youtube - both of which use the board."
Helpful Report
Posted 2 years ago