Intelec Dull Emitter, Ceramic Infra-Red Bulb 60 watt Reviews

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Intelec Dull Emitter Ceramic Infra-Red Bulb ES Fitting 60W Gives heat but no light. CE market. This bulb provides a natural day and night for the animal and does not destroy vitamin B. This also reduces feather pecking. Available in 60W, 100W, 150W and 250W. Product codes; 630115, 630125, 630130 and 630135 

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Stapleton LaneBarwell

P M Claffey
It's brilliant for keeping my cat warm on cold winter nights, she loves it Vicki
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Posted 9 months ago
Alan Bartlam
Got two of these as spares for my three garden hens. They are a more modern design, flatter at the emitter end than my existing bulb I got 3 or 4 years ago, but the screw is the same. Changed one over and the new one is less weighty and emits heat more quickly. In our current Scottish weather, they keep our hens happy and well-rested through the long nights - a must for garden hens!
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Posted 2 years ago