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1. Delay Cream Long Act
Long Act is the best solution for lasting pleasure. Designed in a French lab, Long Act is an optimising ointment with a reputation for effectiveness. An hour before sex, apply a small amount of Long Act and massage for two to three minutes.
2. Delay Cream Plaisirs Secrets
Stay the course with confidence with the help of this luxury and very gentle cream specially formulated to delay ejaculation. It'll give you a better control over your sexual performance with extremely stimulating fresh feeling. It comes in a high quality glass dispenser and in lovely gift packaging.
3. Delay Warming Gel Sex Control
This intimate gel with active warming ingredients is a perfect choice for performing sexual intercourse with prolonged erection. Apply a small amount of gel to the head of the penis, then massage gently until fully absorbed and enjoy lasting erection.
4. Erection Cream China Power
This erection enhancing all-natural male power cream is an excellent choice for a range of solo and couples play thanks to its effective organic formula. Apply a small amount of China Power erection cream to your penis once or twice a day and massage gently until fully absorbed.
5. Erection Cream Sex Erect
With regular application of the product, erections are harder and last longer... and the fun will be off the charts. Massage into your penis for 3 to 4 minutes, twice a day.
6. Erection Cream Shunga
Shunga created this Dragon Virility erection cream with all-natural extracts and herbs to help you unleash the full power and energy of your manhood. Its organic formula is specially designed to give you a quick erection and enhanced control of you sexual powers. Apply to the shaft and head of the penis in a gentle massage. Fire and ice effect lasts 30 to 45 minutes.
7. Erection Spray Maxi Erect
This intimate spray for man is an ideal choice for an erection boost. Spray on your shaft and the head of your penis before intercourse and enjoy enhanced performance with longer erection.
8. Pjur Med Delay Spray Pro-Long
Formulated especially for Men, Pjur Med PRO-LONG Spray gives that extra staying power just when you need it. Made with natural oak bark extract this spray reduces oversensitivity allowing you to concentrate on matters in hand!
9. Pjur Superhero Delay Serum
Reduces sensitivity - not the sensation! The innovative delay serum for men. The gel enhances the smoothness and provides a desensitising film around the penis to reduce sensitivity without any numbing effect. It is suited for daily application. Perfect in combination with all pjur® lubricants.
10. Pjur Superhero Delay Spray
For all those keen to make their sexual enjoyment last longer, pjur superhero spray is our intimacy spray developed specially for men. The finely attuned ingredients of pjur superhero spray ensure longer enjoyment and can prevent premature ejaculation – without lidocaine or benzocaine! This refreshing spray enhances smoothness, while its special ingredients reduce oversensitivity on the penis. A secret tip for products in the stimulation series: pjur superhero spray is one of the top selling pjur products worldwide.
11. Warming Gel X-i Can
Treatment cream for men produced in France. This penis skin treatment cream is ideal to revitalise your penis skin, foreskin and to improve blood circulation. Massage into your penis, cover all areas. Suitable for frequent use. Made in France.
12. Stay Hard Pen Delay Spray for Men 6ml
Enhance your performance with this pen-style Stay Hard delay spray formulated to extensively delay ejaculation. Cleverly disguised as a pen, this spray perfectly fits in your pocket and is convenient and easy to use. The formula reduces sensation within 15 minutes, lengthening intercourse for prolonged pleasure.
13. Retard 907 Pro-Long Delay Spray 25ml
Last longer with this most effective delay spray on the market. This popular premature ejaculation control formula is especially designed for men. Just spray on your shaft and the head of your penis 5 minutes before intercourse and enjoy enhanced performance. The spray reduces oversensitivity allowing you to concentrate on matters in hand! The handy pump is also ideal when traveling, is free from greenhouse gases and suitable for use with latex condoms.
14. Stud Action Double Strength Delay Spray 20ml
Double Strength Stud Action Spray is a formula that will help increase your sexual performance. Stud Action Spray is specially formulated for the male to maintain the moments of enjoyment and to have a better and fuller intimate life. Apply 2 or more very short bursts around the head of the penis 3 to 10 minutes before sex.Individual requirements will establish the correct advance timing and quantity needed.External use only1 x 20ml
15. Stud Action Double Strength Delay Cream 30ml
Boost your libido and enhance your performance with the help of this new double strength formula erection cream formulated to delay ejaculation. Double Strength Stud Action Penis Cream is specially formulated for the male to maintain the moments of enjoyment and to have a better and fuller intimate life. Direction: simply apply to the external surface of the penis, 3 to 4 minutes prior to the intercourse.
16. Black Stone Ejaculation Delay Spray 15ml
Delay your ejaculation by up to 30 minutes with the black stone delay spray for men. 15ml bottle will last a long time and so will you.

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Moustapha D
Not working at all .just wasting money
Helpful Report
Posted 6 months ago
It’s icy feeling I asked for an itchy one they send me this one not really my cup of tea at all
Helpful Report
Posted 9 months ago
didnt work for me. not very strong
Helpful Report
Posted 1 year ago
Helpful Report
Posted 2 years ago
Very bad it's not orginel
Helpful Report
Posted 3 years ago
Brima K
It doesn't work a bit..It's just a scam
Helpful Report
Posted 3 years ago
Well, I had heard if Spanish Fly for years so I had to try it. What a disappointment. Nothing happened, nothing at all and I looked up reviews and blogs about it and apparently it can be quite dangerous to use. So although I wasted my money, I'm glad I wasn't ill.
Helpful Report
Posted 3 years ago
Paul A
Purchased 3. One of them appeared to have been opened and/or spilled, and then refilled with water. Had to dispose of them. Probably not a safe product.
Helpful Report
Posted 3 years ago