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You can boost your erection and your sex life with this perfectly contoured penis pump. Easy to use and comfortable with its extensive contours and design, this penis pump will give you noticeable improvement both you and your partner will enjoy.
This penis pump is simplistic to use with easy, squeeze bulb functionality. Effective at enhancing your erection and intensifying your sex life for both you and your partner, this penis pump only requires five minutes use a day for two weeks for a noticeable enhancement and is complete with perfect, penis contours that will fit your member comfortably and effectively.
Total Length 180 mm; Diameter 45 mm

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Chris W
Looked impressive in the box, but when the box was opened, it was extremely dissapointing. Pump consists of a penis shaped tube, made of a flimsy looking plastic (polycarbonate?) with an inlet valve which connects to a (fairly) good vacuum bulb by means of good quality tubing. The connector is metal and of good quality, set into the tube about 3cm from the opening. There is another opening further along the device and it is just a small hole, which one is supposed to keep covered by a finger. The trouble is it is awkwardly placed,probably not too difficult for left handed people, but fot the more populous right handed folk its uncomfortably difficult to hold a finger or thumb on it.. Finally there is the rubber sleeve that fits inside of the device and seals the penis into tube. The thickness of this rubber is very thin, thinner than a bicycle inner tube and no matter how I tried I could not get it to seal. It also did not hide the fact that the end of the plastic was thin and would cut uncomfortably into the skin around the base of the penis. This was not the useful helper I thought it would be.
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Posted 4 years ago