Furna E1 Electric Standing Desk - Sit Stand Desk White / Frame Only Reviews

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Fast delivery. Easy assembly. Great build quality. Enjoying it very much so far.
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Posted 1 year ago
Dr Michael T
There are a few of these electric sit stand desks on the market to chose from. I went for this make and model. I bought just the frame/mechanism because I built my own top shaped for the corner of a room. The mechanism came very well packed and is reassuringly solid and heavy. Assembly is pretty straightforward though involved some fiddling. For example its not easy to know which of the three sizes of bolts are which - some labelling would be helpful. also it is easy to drop one inside the hollow leg sections so I needed a pair of long nose pliers to fish them out. Working out how to lengthen and fit the bar that connects the motor to the far leg also had me puzzled for a while. But these are very minor issues. Once assembled, and turned the right way up, the desk looks great. When moving the desk up it is clear that the right hand leg- where the motor is sited - is leading. The other end catches up quickly. That can be a little disconcerting but again no real problem - just a slight surprise. Maybe the slightly more expensive twin motor version might have been better in that regard. Nevertheless, this is a great and well-built device that I would highly recommend.
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Posted 2 years ago