Sibelius Ultimate 2018 (was Sibelius 8) Reinstatement Upgrade (Digital Download) Reviews

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Alastair M
I hope that someone will read this review. I have been a Sibelius user for twenty years. When I changed from a HP to a mac computer last year I was unable to transfer my Sibelius programme. In frustration I recently purchased a new Sibelius Ultimate 2018 . After three wasteful weeks I have not managed to Install this new purchase. I have tried unsuccessfully to contact you for technical assistance. Your recorded telephone contact states that there is no one attending the calls. Please, please contact me immediately to help me to download the programme. My phone number is +353 878 2423534 My email address is
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Posted 1 month ago
Good service from DS Music shop BUT .... Unnecessary (stupid) changes to how one accesses features make using this version of sibelius much more complex. Much time wasted looking for features that were readily available in earlier verions. AVID are an incredibly UNHELPFUL orgnisation. If I didn't have so many scores already committed to Sibelius format I would DEFINTIELY use other software.
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Posted 2 months ago
Martin R
Very disappointed with Avid & Sibelius Ultimate. (DS have been superb in trying to sort out my download problems) I upgraded because Avid no longer supported Windows 7. My new computer is windows 10 and I bought the Sib Ultimate upgrade for this. The download was successful but would only play in MIDI sound profile. Although Sib Sounds 7 is on my computer it won’t play. I have tried to contact Avid Support for over 2 weeks. There’s are not manning any of their support lines either in UK or Philippines. Very poor
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Posted 2 months ago
Valerie C
Very good and easy to use
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Posted 4 months ago
Ken H
Had Sib6.2, and just upgraded to Sib Ultimate. Easy to do, and great support from DS Music. Only (minor) downside is the reversion to screen layout similar to much earlier versions...which I had forgotten. Might take some time to find way around it, but keyboard shortcuts are still the same. All round - fantastic package.
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Posted 5 months ago
Bill C
this review is not about Sibelius but the service you (DS music) provided to secure the product and get it registered in the very convoluted and uneccessarily complex AVID service system. My intial efforts were to upgrade from 8.4.2 to Ultimate but because I had let my service subscription lapse ( I run Sibelius 6 where there is no such continual payment or need to sign up for licences temporary or perpetual, which isn't perpetual anyway, the payment was a one-time payment and the system works extremley well!) My first problem encounter was having my credit card rejected as invalid because it was not the card with which I purchased Sib 7.5 in 2016 ( I have been with Sib since the genius Finn brothers original Acorn Sibelius 7 ). To update my payment information, which is what I was trying to do, I need the original payment card and no matter what I did I could not get past this point. Even Eric and Lorenzo at AVID could not help with this problem and in the end I was obliged to lose my perpetual licence and upgrade via a dealer. ( I work with many people who have the latest version and to access those files and layouts I too need the latest version ) Jon at DS was my saviour and contacted AVID and in turn one of their operatives contacted me with a less complicated path to register the product I had down-loaded. It took three weeks during lock-down ( AVID continued to advertise the phone line to discuss problems when they knew there would be no-one to answer ) so thank you DS and your service! My feeling re the way AVID works is that it is not helpful, is overly complex and frankly confusing in terms of the running of the product but pragmatic in terms of a company wanting to make the greatest possible return for the least possible consideration for the folk who try to negociate the labyrinth of their thinking.....then again; Sib 6 is ACE!......damn the ribbon Daniel.....tarantaraaaaa....stay safe! wishes Bill Connor
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Posted 8 months ago
Andrew C
Author didn't leave any comments.
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Posted 1 year ago
Michael H
Sibeliua Ultimate feels like a beta version. There are so many things wrong with it that I prefer to go back my ailing Sibelius 3, even if it not supposed to work with Windows 10! Sibeliua Ultimate is certainlyl not worth the money I paid for it. For example, drop down menus open widows too wide for the screen: In Appearence > House Style tab, both Engraving Rules and Nore Spacing Rules open sub widows too large for the screen. One of them has to be manipulated until you can see the Cancel button and you can only close the other by hitting Esc on the keyboard. There are other faults. If this is the Ultimate, God help what the PenUltimate and AntiPenUltimate were like. Sibelius Ultimate was very disappointing and very stressful. I don't know what the improvements are over Sibelius 3, which worked perfectly well untill the operating systems kept changing.
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Posted 2 years ago