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ARIENS CO LTD's customers rate them 5.00 / 5.

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"Looks very well made compared to the competitors I looked at before purchase. Not cheap but engineering seems well designed and executed.Really easy to start compared with my older two-stroke garden tools."
Posted 1 month ago
"I rate the hedgecutters. I just had a grease nipple come off with the grease gun. Which is unfortunate but that's been fixed as I write this review! I rate them over all"
Posted 1 month ago
"Really pleased with new hedge trimmer a fantastic piece of kit!"
Posted 1 month ago
"An excellent hedge trimmer with long reach. Recently purchased to replace an older Echo model that had lasted 15 years. I hope to get the same life span out of this one! Good quality, durable and well balanced. Multiple number of angles to choose from depending on the shape and size of the hedge you're cutting. Easy to follow set up instructions."
Posted 4 months ago
"This is a brilliant machine I highly recommended it to anyone also friend of mine liked so much he is getting one This is my second Echo machine I have and won’t be the only two look forward to getting more machines from Echo Thanks Echo for making brilliant tools Bernard"
Posted 9 months ago
"I have used ECHO long arm hedge cutters from when they first came out. The engines run nicely, they are user friendly and they are very reliable. I was a garden maintenance contractor for 30 years and I would say ECHO are the best! I also use ECHO strimmers and a knapsack blower and these also are excellent. I am very, very pleased with my new long arm ECHO hedge cutter. Bryony submitted this on behalf of her husband John."
Posted 10 months ago
"A brilliant piece of kit. Use Echo all the time and have had no problems so far."
Posted 11 months ago
"It’s build and cutter quality is no where near the quality of Stihl but that is slightly reflected in the price. Overall it’s a good hedge cutter but I doubt it will with stand regular professional use."
Posted 1 year ago
"Excellent delivery, packaging and easy assembly. Well built tool using high quality materials. Starts easily and runs smoothly after 5 minutes running in. High quality cut and good reach although slightly heavy. Overall a very good hedge trimmer."
Posted 1 year ago
"theres allot I like about these cutters. theyre a good weight, cracking motor, I love the adjuster on the head general build quality is very good things I don't like are minor but still a pain in the arse!..# iv had a problem with the carb-after 10-15 mins of use the revs will increase until its screaming at me after taking to a dealer and adjusting carb and swapping fuel pipe it seams to be better but still abit peaky when hot..# Another thing is the exhaust cover gets red hot and has burnt my arm a few times.# the rubber grip on the shaft is too close to engiene I like to hold further up the shaft. it put more strain on your back when holding that far down, maybe just me!!.. #im finding the black plastic blade cover thing is a pain in the arse when cutting thicker material im going to remove and try without but im switching between my echo and stihl at the moment depending on what im cutting..# when Im re-fueling the machine doesn't stand solid on the ground it roles around when I push down on the fuel can(I use a stihl fueling cap) and with the fuel tank opening being at an angle not ideal. all that said I still love them and will be buying more echo in the future."
Posted 1 year ago
"I have used sthill tools for many of years but have just tried the echo long reach hedge cutters. Well what more can I say much better and easier to use."
Posted 1 year ago