PERON Tuning Remap Software - Ford Fiesta ST180 P2XX Stage 1 + Reviews

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A Probets
Went for stage 1+ after fitting the ITG cold air intake. ST feels like a completely different car now, how it should of been straight out of the factory! Well worth a remap from these guys
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Posted 5 months ago
L Caruana
PERFECT!!! The torque is sublime, like an eager 2.5ltr engine when driven softly. Then when booted it sounds and goes like a motocross bike! All induction and rapid gear changes! (I did fit the vudu cold air induction kit plus peron hose to the Crossover pipe) Second gear now has power, and loads of it. As does 1st! If you want 1st and 2nd to have the power 3rd does from Ford, then please get the Peron stage 1+. HUGE difference to the car! I ride a 1000cc race bike, so not easily impressed!! But I'm really impressed with the tune!! Smooth linear delivery of endless power. Made my car REALLY fun to use, and sounds ace as well. I'm in my 40's, and it sounds just right, not too larish, just sublime "I've got a turbo". Top tip: Press the ESC button once, putting the traction control into Sport mode.... Because then the traction control can relax and let the car drive, otherwise it fights by applying brakes during hard acceleration. Initially I thought I had a clutch smell, now realise it was the brake pads!! So definitely put it into sport mode, so the tyres can spin if they need to! Which they will on hard acceleration, in 1st 100%, 2nd 100%, and often in 3rd too!! Nice
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Posted 10 months ago
H Bevan
Very easy to install yourself,has made a massive difference to my ST, soundwise and performance wise
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Posted 1 year ago
J Sills
the diffrence this has made is unreal car goes like a stabbed rat this is running the stg1+ and only requires a filter and the map the torque increase aswell is brilliant even in 6th all in all very easy to use could not reconmend it more
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Posted 1 year ago
M Tams
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Posted 1 year ago