Audio-Technica AT875R 178mm Line & Gradient Condenser Microphone Reviews

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Audio-Technica AT875R 178mm Line & Gradient Condenser Microphone

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Due to being locked-down at home during the CoVid-19 crisis, I've not yet had the opportunity to use this mic 'in the field'. However, I can give my first impressions. The build quality and finish are excellent - Just as good as AKG, Sennheiser and Beyer mics I have used in the past. On a trial run in my home, I was impressed with the sound and sensitivity, A smooth response without any awkward 'bumps' with a good output level and excellent S/N ratio. This is a short shotgun so I was not looking for the ability to pick up a conversation between ants at 300 metres! but it gives sives a significantly greater selectivity over a simple cardioid - just what I'm looking for in ENG type shoots. AC-audio's price was competitive and delivery was very quick in excellent but not excessive packaging. In summary - a first-class product with a first-class supplier. Rob Stewart, EuroScot Video
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Posted 2 years ago
To put this microphone on my camera I got a rode rycote suspension mount and a dead cat which I had modified with Velcro . I got a xlr cable with a90 degree turn to lead into an I rig preamp followed by a rode trs to trss into the camera microphone jack. The I rig preamp allows attachment of a head phone and gain adjustment. I do have alternatives like a rode micro and a sennheiser Mk400. However the advantage of the xlr cable is that it avoids interference from the likes of led lamps. I now have a cost effective point, shoot and record dslr set up that records sound directly with video while avoiding the built in camera microphones.
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Posted 5 years ago