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AKG K44 Closed Stereo Headphones

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First class headphones done plenty of research to find suitable headphones and believe me these do the job for me. I create ambient music & these are very clearly a great purchase.
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Posted 6 years ago
Really amazing sound for a pair of cans that cost me £15 from AC Audio. Full, extended bass and plenty of detail. I've heard a lot worse, especially at the bass end, in professional cans costing over £100. They're well put together and, though not everyone is going to like the look, the headband is comfy and the earpieces sit over your ears snugly without either squeezing or feeling like they're about to fall off. And the 32-ohm impedance gives you plenty of oomph from small portable devices like smartphones. Criticisms? OK, after a while they can sound a bit bright and forward. I compared them with a pair of Sennheiser Momentums, and after a few minutes' listening to material I know really well, and have listened to on really top-quality loudspeakers, I was forced to admit the Momentums have it for sheer accuracy. The AKGs, it became apparent, were telling small lies at both ends of the audio spectrum, i.e. slightly exaggerated bass and treble. But we're not talking gross amounts here - just a dB or two, and I'm not yet 100% convinced the AKGs weren't more truthful at the bass end. In short, fantastic value for money.
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Posted 6 years ago