Twisst Alcohol Free Irish Cream (0% ABV) Reviews

4.54 Rating 26 Reviews
Alex Scotchbrook
I'm glad to have these when I go to my Mum's as she's a Bailey's fan. They are very sweet! (I'm not a sugar lover).
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Posted 2 months ago
Sarah Guinan
A great, non-alcoholic replacement for Bailey’s. Lovely with crushed ice
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Posted 3 months ago
E Wrigley
5. Very good loved it
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Posted 4 months ago
Anita Sully
Very tasty, however was a little sweet bit added a shot of coffee and it made it very tasty
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Posted 5 months ago
Mrs Jenny Pratt
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Posted 6 months ago
Great very nice
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Posted 7 months ago
Tash Westwood
Show me an AF version of Irish Cream and I'll give it a go! This is my first.. The first sip is something else! Sweet, creamy and a thicker consistency to the OG drink. But then I get a big hit of something synthetic that makes me wonder what they put in it. I still drank it as it was open and I hate waste, but nah, not for me.. This is definitely a yeast extract moment of a drink.
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Posted 7 months ago
Tracy Scollan
Love this drink, so like a real baileys but without the alcohol. Could be a little less expensive though. Would recommend to family and friends. Would buy again.
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Posted 8 months ago