Take your review collection to the next level.

Automate review collection with our simple, user-friendly platform built for every type of business. Collect customer feedback via SMS, email, or our in-store app.  Use our Flow feature for smarter collection, and see higher conversion rates with review invites sent at just the right point of the customer journey. 

No code. No Stress.

Perfectly on-brand review request templates.

Customise review invites to match your brand with our WYSIWYG editor. It’s simple, efficient, and friction-free - and if you want more control you can delve into the code for full customisation.

Request company reviews, product reviews, or both in a single email, and carry out unlimited AB testing to find the highest converting invites.
With Reviews.io, we have now been able to customise our email invites to match our brand, which has resulted in much higher conversion.
James Bertram
Marketing Manager | Abbott Lyon
How abbott lyon takes control of their online reputation

Get fast results with our Review Booster.

Capitalise on historical sales by sending review requests in bulk to past customers. Get your review count up at speed, and meet the Google Seller Ratings threshold faster. 

Boost conversion with conditional sending.

Create email flows for a smarter collection strategy. Send automatic follow ups based on user actions, like reminder prompts or support info.

You can even set sending delays based on a customer's geographical location, making sure your request hits their inbox at precisely the right time. 
Email Flows

Collect reviews directly with our In-store app

Have a physical store? All you need to do is set up a tablet and we’ll connect our app to your REVIEWS.io account. 
You’re now ready for a fully branded in-store review collection. Simple.
In-store Reviews

UGC collection on autopilot.

Customers can upload images and videos along with their feedback, bringing reviews to life and giving you authentic content for use in marketing campaigns. 

Product reviews with UGC see increased engagement and significantly boost conversion rates. 
Review Photos

We got a huge boost in our review count when we used REVIEWS.io booster tool, this allows you send reviews to past customer.

Kevin Urbau, Head of Tech

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