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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
They professional SCAMMERS and THRIVES dk not trade with them... THANK ME LATER!!
Posted 3 days ago
I chose this broker because of the large number of positive reviews. Yeah, I know that the reason is simple, but I just checked the brokers rankings. However, it isn't as popular as its competitors, so I expected that the support would be more attentive to each client.
I can say that all my expectations are fullfilled. Maybe the broker doesn't offer the tighest spreads in the industry, but the company has a set of other advantages, at least I would say good quality of trades execution (in 3 months I faced no requotes) and responsive support.
Of course every trader has different expectations, but personally I'm 100% satisfied with this broker.
Posted 1 week ago
My story is rather simple and common than unique. I just joined this brokerage because I've found its review on one of the websites and decided to invest money there. That was just a beginning of my trading and, of course, I haven't compared brokers and I wasn't looking for the best solution. I even didn't know the differences between execution types, to be fair.
Actually, I was lucky in this regard and this brokerage turned to be a good place for trading, at least it's CySEC regulated and offers ECN execution, but I didn't know that these points matter when choosing a brokerage. So if you're just looking for your first broker, I suggest you to spend some time and learn the industry.
Posted 1 week ago
One of the greatest brokers and I recommend it for trading. At first I had some doubts about this brokerage, but finally i decided to imvest my money in it and probably that was one of my best decisions at all, at least I see no problems with trading with ForexTB, so I see no reasons against recommending it.
Posted 1 week ago
One of the best brokers that I've ever traded with. I like that there's Trading central, so I'm using its economic insights and daily market analysis to improve my trading. Imo, that's one of the best features provided by ForexTB,as it can improve your trading really well. All you need is just follow TC signals and read their insights.
Posted 2 weeks ago
I'm trading with this brokerage for almost a year already and for that time I see no single reaason to be dissatisfied with the brokerage:
1. There are MT4/WebTrader platform, so I can choose between 2 different ways to trade. I prefer MT4, as I'm running EAs.
2. MT4 for mobile supported.
3. Spreads are around 1.3 for major currencies. Not so low, but acceptable, I know a lot of brokers with higher spreads
As I said, I see no points that would dissatisfy me, so I recommend this brokerage.
Posted 2 weeks ago
There are my reasons why I decided to choose this company:
1. Regulated brokerage, there's clear legal information on the website, so it builds my trust towards the company.
2. Expansive education section that helps beginners to learn. I'm not the beginner, but it was usefull even for me.
3. SSL encryption offered, as I remember it's 128-bits.
As you see - nothing new, just reliable service.
Posted 2 weeks ago
I'm trading both with WebTrader and mobile app and I can say that brokerage provides perfect experience in terms of multi-platform trading. I'm using mobile trading when I'm away of computer, so it helps me to keep on controll over trading. Btw, there's no MT5 and that's a little disadvantage for some traders, as I think.
Posted 2 weeks ago
Just a few reasons why I like this broker and have chose it to trade with:
1. It's regulated by CySEC. It's part of European regulator authorities (I don't remember the exact name of that authoity, sry) and is quite reliable to be considered tier-1.
2. There's education for beginners. It isn't complex and you're unlikely to learn how to trade with it, but it would give you some basics.
3. mt4 platform available. I still think that's one of the best trading platforms.
Posted 3 weeks ago
A Rookie new to the world of tasing

I started trading with Forextb and I had signed up to know more about them.
My broker was a great guy. However from the beginning I told him that it was my first look into trading like this and I was very apprehensive. I stressed that I wanted to take things slowly.
Hind sight is a wonderful thing.
I initially deposited £2000 to start the account and my broker told me I need to have at least £5000 to start trading. He spoke about free margin if the price goes down. And a bunch of other stuff I had no idea what he was talking about. (I am sure everyone of you is shouting right now, stop, get out, you don’t know what you are doing). You could not be more correct.
Read on if you can. This does not have a happy ending.
The first stock I was introduced to was Crude oil. The certainty and the enthusiasm that the broker had that this commodity was about to drop like a stone. The second wave of lockdown was just about to arrive and the first lockdown due to Covid 19 did cause the price or Crude to drop to a -minus number.
Sadly it did not drop and my £5000 account needed more money to keep it safe. This carried on until I had deposited £110,000. When I think back at that figure I can hardly believe it came from my bank account.
If you are wondering about the money, it was the 25% tax free lump sum from my company pension.
Every stock I traded was at the suggestion of my broker. He was a great guy. Friendly charming and he became almost a friend.
The main problems came after I had made some quiet modest gains.
I was encouraged to take a test and if I passed the test I would become a professional trader with much more leverage.
I said No. its not for me. I am definitely nowhere near a trader let alone a professional trader.
I was still introduced to his boss and he pointed out I needed to satisfy 2 of the 3 criteria to be able to take the test.
Experience. Hundreds or thousands of pounds and to prove that I had had training in market trading.
I did not meet any of the 3 so the boss said it can’t happen.
The following day my broker said I have been getting on going training through him. Technically he was right. He had started to do short training sessions with me on the phone. Also he said because I live in London my home must be worth £4-500,000 which it is. I had been given Company Shares years ago and had held and sold those shares over the years and that apparently meets the criteria to sit a test to become a professional trader.
The test is done online with the boss on the other end of the phone to listen to concerns but in no way help with the test. I failed it twice. No big surprise there.
My broker would not let this go. He did not tell me the right answers but in the chats I could tell what I had done wrong. (Can you see what is happening) I now really wanted to pass this test. Third time is a charm. Great.
Well you would think.....?
This leverage meant that basically for every $10 dollar move in the trade I would make $1000. What’s not to love about being a professional trader. The problem is, I wasn’t.
I’m sure you have seen the YouTube videos of the rookie mistakes all new traders make? I hadn’t made all of those mistakes yet and he I am a professional trader.
Not understanding what I was doing but being talked up by my broker made me feel great. I had made some good trades and I got cocky. I started to make bigger trades and some paid off. At no time did my broker warn me that I was getting carried away.
By this time if the free margin was low I would deposit more money into the account.
Some may know how this story ends because it is a classic case of a dumb guy who wants to trade and try and make some money.
I didn’t. I lost everything. £110,000 plus a further £3000 but that last amount is the clowning glory to my experience with Forextb.
The mistakes I made was opening big trades on the Nasdaq and then as it went the other direction quickly my broker said I have to put more in the account to hedge the first trade. So there I was with four trades that balance each other out. I now knew what hedging was. If I sold any one it would cause the account to be closed.
My broker kept pushing for me to go and find more money.
At this stage there was almost £30,000 equity. I told my broker that I can’t see a way out of this mess. I should close the account and walk away with £30,000.
He told me genuinely that I should not walk away from £80,000 losses and to think about is over the weekend.
I tried the following week but the account balance went down. The commission the charges were still being applied to every little trade I was making to try and improve the account.
I got to £11,000 and told my broker I was finished. I need to walk away with something. He said wait and we will talk on Monday no charges would be made. However the market moved meant that when I actually closed all trades on Monday I walked away with £3780.
Opened my acc with £2000 on 22/09/20. Closed acc 25/11/20. I had lost £106,220.
I told my broker that i had no money so i will stop. I needed my next pay day.
Around 2 weeks later and 3 days after i had been paid the broker called me up. It was good to hear from him. He told me he wanted to help me get my money back. As i said he is charming and friendly. I was told this cant go wrong, its a safe trade. I said to him i cannot lose any more money. I have to get some losses back. I was desperate to get some money back and i had been having suicidal thought since losing £106,220. here was a way to get some of my losses back. i was told to put money in my account and take buy position on Crude. My broker said 5000 would cover it. I put in £3000 which was all i had............ do you really need me to tell you the outcome?
You can all say how stupid i have been and I deserve what i got.
I was stupid and gullible and there may be others out there like me. Read my story, please. I dont want you to suffer my fate.
Posted 3 weeks ago
Technologies become faster and its important for your broker to have the best up-to-date servers and other technical capabiliies so that you can trade fine. I didn't see how its all organized here, but I can see the result is great. No big slippages, no delays. Trading goes with a swiss watch accuracy.
Posted 1 month ago
Let's be fair, brokerage industry is highly competitive, so that's hard for brokerage to offer sth that would make it stand out to from the list of regulated brokers, at least I think so. However, this brokerage managed to find some interesting features that you wouldn't find in any other company.
First of them is wide list of stocks to trade. I'm stock investor, so for me that was crucial when choosing a brokerage. Here are stocks like Moderna, BeyondMeat and Carrefour. I can't speak about all brokers, but my previous brokerage hasn't offered them, so for me that was a new earning way.
Another feature is Economic calendar merged with forecasts. Of course, each brokerage has calendar, that's sth like industry standard. But that's the first time I see that it was merged with forecast and that's highly convinient. Not all forecasts are right actually, but that gives basic understanding of what analytics thinks about market news, so that can be usefull.
Posted 1 month ago
Totally disappointed with this broker. Don't get any tips from them. I did and I lost a lot of money. One of their employees gave me advice on several investments but in almost all of them the course went in the opposite direction to his advice.
Posted 1 month ago
You know, education provided by brokerage really matters and I understand this when I started my trading with ForexTB. There's no trading marathons or books that claim to be the only one truth. But there are a lot of usefull short tips, as I call them, that would help you to improve your trading.
For example, I've started my trading with ForexTB as a quite experienced trader, but its tips were usefull even for me, so I think that would boost beginners for sure.
Posted 1 month ago
Do not trade with this company..unless you want to be harassed with phone calls and emails daily!!...pressuring you into parting with more and more money in trades that, apparently are going to rocket...which often don’t.
Even after explaining I couldn’t afford to take more risk the the phone calls continued,even after explaining I couldn’t recieve calls at didn’t matter.
I have been mocked by their so called account managers and have informed them of my complaint and after 2 months of “their investigation” , they don’t even have the curtesy to respond.
In a nut shell DO NOT trade with this company, they will be extremely friendly in the beginning and then the pressure ramps up on a daily basis until you’ve lost your cash in bad investments and high fees..then they go silent.
You have been warned!.
Posted 1 month ago
Nah, I'm not one of that traders that are talking about regulations, education and other staff. Really, there are tens of brokers that are good in this regard, industry is becoming extremely competitive now. so there are a lot of brokers that offer great trading conditions (at least on paper).
However, this company goes another way. It still offers regulated trading and some education (and MT4 as well), but it also offers native design. You may even say that I'm ROFLing, but design is extremely important. It's called 'eye-pressure', when brokerage has gouged out design, that would make your head burn.
This brokerage offers calm and native design and, frankly, that was the only reasone why I've chose exactly that company to trade with.
Posted 2 months ago
The pros of the company are:
- safe withdrawals, that's a must
- friendly support team (they are fast and reliable iwhen it comes toany issues that you ,ight address a broker)
- trustworthy cpmpany's histry and regulations.
The only disadvantage that I see is you can't realy start with $10 on a cents account here. There is a demo, yet it's not exactly the same as trading with some real money even if its a very small amount.
Posted 2 months ago
The broker is safe to work with. I've been trading around 6 month here - no troubles, issues or scam encountered. Will suit Mt4 users, and I believe the variety of the assets can be named as the definite pro of this particular broker. Lots of unique stocks! Account verification required if you want to trade live.
Posted 2 months ago
That's not an 'all-in brokerage'. I think it fits beginners well. I'm new to trading myself, and ForexTB was on my shortlist. So why I've chosen exactly this brokerage? The reason was straightforward - education integrated with Trading Central.
There are many brokers offering education, yeah, the competition is very rough while ForexTB offers very concentrated training (you won't spend much time). The downside is that you won't learn how to trade too profoundly. I guess you will study basic info that you need to make thefirst steps. The advantage is you will learn it all fast enough.
Posted 2 months ago
I’ve recently started trading with this broker. So far this is my first and only broker. Despite I was new to trading, I was well acknowledged in financial markets, so I didn't need any education, learning courses or any other newbie stuff. All I need is just access to the international markets and this brokerage is nice in this regard.
I was working as market analyst over the past years, so I know that right information is the only one pillar of making money. Another pillar is brokerage (or other intermediary) performance. Fast executions, rare slippages - that's the point I was looking for. I'm trading at the time of news releases, so it's much more important for me than, let's say, for a technical trader. Sometimes there are some splinters, but overall brokerage offers nice service.
Posted 2 months ago
ForexTB is rated 4.05 based on 21 reviews