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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
My fellow traders, I am amazed with this company. This is finally the one where I'm going to stay for good. I already thought maybe it's not for me and I should stop trying with all kinds of different platforms, but turns out I just needed the right one. If you're in the same situation as me, I suggest this company 100%!!!
Posted 6 months ago
First month in the books! :D it's been interesting, I can already see the results.. thought it's gonna be more complex and time-consuming, turns out when you understand how the whole system works and have the right information, you can do it while you're enjoying your morning coffee like me :D i guess also those sort of things depend on who you're working with.. I have an analyst called Jacob and it seems we have good chemistry, so I don't even feel like I'm working, I'm really enjoying learning!
Posted 6 months ago
Bitky manipulate the platform
Eurusd. Went from 1.1758 on all other platforms to 1.1459 Making me lose $113400

Don’t trust these are people in my proof are thrives and will drain funds from you by smooth operators Phil
They are NOT licensed and we know why

Stay away from these thieves
Posted 6 months ago
Dear Mr Hummel,
Please be noted that we tried to reach you several times in order to assist you with any misunderstanding you have.
As you were informed via email on date 02.09.2020. that your trading account with is to be closed.
All deposited funds were successfully sent back to you before account closure occurred.
Kindly asking you to contact us on our support email in order to make appointment to assist you.
Best Regards!
Posted 5 months ago
Happy that I trusted this platform....
After reading the reviews on Feefo, really seemed trustworthy... Started with a small deposit at first and they really made sure I felt appreciated and was satisfied... I thank Jack who made me feel valued by explaining things in an easy way as I had some wrong information in the beginning. Best trading platform so far!!
Posted 6 months ago
Was very confused in the beginning as the opinion on online crypto trading was very diverse on the internet. I would have registered with another crypto platform if I haven't met Philip who was kind and able to put me on the right path. Bitly.IO is honestly THE BEST company to trade online!
Posted 6 months ago
No issues…..good experience.
Spent six successful months at Bitky.IO, so I feel thankful to the reviews that I read on Their services includes a perfect mix of worthy service and a REALLY professional team who's work ethic never ceases to amaze me!! Thanks to my analyst Jack, coz he never steps back to help me without caring about the time. I feel lucky.
Posted 6 months ago
Jacob was so kind… He had enough patience to answer my questions that I know were annoying. Immediately after that conversation, I decided to go with Bitky.IO. Till now, everything is going well in my trading career, hoping the same for the future as well. Thumbs Up :))
Posted 6 months ago
All of my past experiences with trading platforms, before Bitky.IO, have been terrible!! This is the only company that I could, from the beginning, fully rely on and they continue to do so for nearly months now :))) Tomas has been an amazing analyst that I would recommend to anyone, especially if you're new to trading, because when I started trading with Bitky.IO I had a lot of false informations and holes in the process that Tomas corrected and helped me to actually undrstand what I am doing! I'm gonna stay your client for a very long time, I'm sure of that!!!!
Posted 7 months ago
Me and my wife had been having a lot of financial issues with this whole Covid situation and I've got a recommendation from a friend about this company. She wasn't really trustworthy in the beginning and I understood her, but seeing that he really made a lot of progress with Bitky.IO, I changed her mind and started out with a small investment. All the good things that I heard from him and read on turnt out to be true. Also, my analyst, John, has been amazing with the time and patience from the very beginning as we didn't know anything, and I really respect his approach. Keep up the good work, Bitky.IO!!!!!
Posted 7 months ago
Didn't really think I would be that much into trading before reading all the review on & Bitky.IO really made a change in my life starting from the ordinary stuff, I'm being much more serious about anything I'm doing with my life, my job, my family etc.. So this is me right now saying 'Thank you' for everything that you've done for me!! Thank you Jacob & thank you Bitky.IO :)
Posted 7 months ago
I feel qualified after 6 months in to say Bitky.IO is the best trading platform out there. Didn't let me down once! They really putting in the grind and are devoted to their clients. Made me feel like I'm a part of the family, not just a client. Thanks to Jack, my analyst, for helping me out from the beginning and teaching me the basics and the advanced stuff now. Your satisfied client, Jason!!
Posted 7 months ago
I’m using Bitky.IO for the past six months and their service has always been top-notch :)) Tomas is an amazing analyst from the start, helping me out with all the right information and has been a true mentor eversince! And if it wasnt for I would’ve never found out about Bitky.IO! Great job, what you people are doing and keep it going!!!
Posted 7 months ago
Bitky.IO 5 stars deserved!! My analyst, Philip, 5 stars deserved!! All the reviews on and deserved!!

I didn't know about trading other than the basic that all of the people know. I had some free time during the lockdown and was searching the web for a 'side-hustle' and came across trading as a flexible job that you should look into. So I started digging the web about it and came across this awsome company. Started trading with them and will for sure continue for a long long time!!!
Posted 7 months ago
My parents told me about Bitky.IO, how amazing their experience is and how much their income has increased, which is especially important for them during the pandemic. Besides their recommendation, I saw a lot of people recommending them on review websites such as and and I decided to try with investing the minimum amount. Now it has been like 2 months and I feel like I'm just getting started with them. The analyst your looking for is John! Took baby steps with me in the beginning, taught me how to analyse the market and basically how to operate in the world of trading. Couldn't be more satisfied with them!!! AMAZING BITKY.IO AMAZING!!!!
Posted 7 months ago
This company is amazing... I've been trading everyday for 3 months now with my analyst, Tomas, and the results are amazing. The engagement from their side, the patience and not to mention all the knowledge that I obtained from Tomas... Thank god I read all the reviews on or I would never trust any trading company... Bitky.IO keep up the great work, I'm looking forward to staying your client for a long time and already got some of my family members to join!!! :)
Posted 7 months ago
Fantastic! I didn’t even know about various trade perks before having a conversation with Thomas. Everything seemed organized in the beginning but I picked rhythm soon. Undoubtedly, the best place
Posted 7 months ago
If someone told me a year ago I would be trading today, I would call him crazy... Heard so much misleading information about trading and the trading companies that I really thought there is no way I would involve myself with any of it,, EVER.. That is until I read the reviews on and talked to my analyst, Tomas.. Now it's been 6 months since I joined the Bitky.IO team and I'm sooo satisfied with how they're treating their customers, it's AMAZING!! And to think I almost missed an opportunity like this...
Posted 7 months ago
Bitky.IO is exactly the platform a trader wants... I joined it because my best friend already trades on it. My experience is good up to now and I would like to thank Philip for helping me a lot when I had so much confusion about online trading. Many many thanks.
Posted 7 months ago
Great company
I started to trade with 250 few 10 months ago.
then COVID - 19 started and I have a great way to create secondary income :) I want to thank my account manager Jack F for helping me in such Time he is my MVP I recommend working with him.
I posted the same review here as well, so everybody can check it :)
Posted 7 months ago
Went from playing LoL all day to trading all day :D Great company, great staff, I bumped into them totally random on and read all the reviews and decided to give them a try. They said it doesn't require any preious info about trading and that an analyst will be assigned to me to help me start, so I agreed to try it out and I have been a passionate trader now for 3 months! A big thank you to my analyst, Jack, and to the whole Bitky.IO !!!
Posted 7 months ago is rated 4.89 based on 45 reviews