Economy Energy Q&A

2% of reviewers recommend Economy Energy

How quickly does Economy Energy resolve customer queries?

Greater than 87% of reviewers feedback is Economy Energy takes over a week to resolve customer queries.
Industry Average
" Can I just say if anyone is waiting for a refund from the company like I was for several months just go straight to the omnibusmon service online and submit your claim and evidence, the company won't even submit there evidence they will just refund you straight away. I started the claim around 05.12.2018 and have looked in my bank today and Economy Energy have refunded me in full. "
- Vicky
" Quite simply the worst possible levels of customer service I have ever been unfortunate to endure. "
- joel graydon
" This is fraud and theft! They are incompetent, unhelpful and atrocious at customer service. "
- Jennifer