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The only place on the planet with a full 60 day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, a free extra year's warranty on all bat detectors and Lifetime Backup & Support on trail cameras.
Whatever you need on a wildlife & nature theme, we can help you.

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I had decided to buy a trail camera, but was put off at first by the amount of cameras available and the horror stories of them not working, faulty goods, no guarantees etc...
Then I spotted the wildlife and countryside services web page, it gave me all the specs of numerous trail cams and also the fantastic warranty and back up service if anything went wrong or needed help to set the camera up.
Ordered the the little acorn camera, was sent an email to verify my order. Three days later camera delivered all set up, full set of batteries and ready to go. Thank you.
Hi Graham, I'm pleased we were able to supply what you needed and I'm always here if you need backup and support with your camera. Thank you for your review. Warm Regards, Martin.
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Very good and efficent service but they send e-mail everyday and that is too much....
Hi Alpaslan, I'm sorry you don't enjoy our emails about what goes on here at the Cottage, but thank you for writing your review. Warm Regards, Martin.
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Excellent service very nice friendly people nice to have met then and been on a few Polish trips with them well worth going .
Hi Ray, thanks for your feedback. Hope you'll join us in Poland again soon. Warm Regards, Martin.
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I purchased a Anabat walk about and it was sent out quicker than I thought I would receive it, giving more time to prepare for the forth coming bat survey season. All correspondents were quickly and efficiently dealt with. Thank you very much for your great customer service.

Thanks Vesper Conservation & Ecology Limited
Hi Rob, always happy to help. Thank you for writing the review for us. Warm Regards, Martin.
Eric Pysden
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Have owned the Acorn camera since January and have been working with it every day since then ..with unsatisfactory results. Martin has been nice to talk to and email but my camera is still not working well. It triggers inconsistantly and misses much..including me unloading my car. The shots are blurred especially at night using the 'flash'. I cannot rely on it to capture events and be clear enough for consistent identification. While wating for technical assistance, I have bought a budget camera for a quater of the price to compare. Setting them side by side the cheap one triggers more and gives a fuller picture of activity. Another setback with the Acorn today was water that entered in a rain shower. There was moisture under the flash head 'glass', lens cover and even behind the protective plastic covering the viewing screen. I was surprised ...as it looks well designed and waterproof. I wanted the extra I spent to be rewarded. Not for me!
Hi Eric,
The Acorn cameras work very well and I use them myself in the UK and in Poland.
If your camera is not working correctly, please return it and I will replace it with a camera that has been thoroughly tested to make sure it works properly.
All cameras have a basic test before they are dispatched, to make sure they trigger and record stills and videos correctly, but it's possible yours was dropped during shipping which could lead to problems.
I will, of course, refund your return postage costs.
Warm Regards,
Hi Eric, having tested your camera I think I know what the problem was. The interval setting was still set to its default value of 1 minute, so the camera wouldn't trigger again until one minute had elapsed after the previous trigger. I set the interval to zero seconds and the camera happily took photos and videos of the dog and the ducks, as well as of us as we did our stuff. The camera is working fine and as far as I can see there is nothing wrong with it so I'll return it to you soon. Warm Regards, Martin.
Peter Scrimshaw
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Friendly advice, fast delivery, kept me informed about progress - good old-fashioned service, excellent all round, many thanks!
Hi Peter, I always try to make sure our service is of a high standard, as I'd want myself. Thank you for your positive review. Warm Regards, Martin.
Peter Allgeyer
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The device works without major problems, but hangs occasionally and must be shut down by force.
Here works the headphone port not (only strong whistling) even with volume control closed.
An extensive test is still pending since the time fly no bats.
Hi Peter, please let me know if you require technical support or wish to return the bat detector for testing. Warm Regards, Martin.
Hi Peter, have you tried different headphones to see if you get the same result? Warm Regards, Martin.
Hi Peter,
I trust you have received your repaired unit and it is now working properly?
Warm Regards,
Evelyn McJarrow
Overall Rating
Verified Buyer

Excellent service - bat detector was exactly as described
Hi Evelyn, I'm glad you're pleased with your bat detector. Thank you for writing a review for us. Warm Regards, Martin.
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