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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
So glad I found medway tuition. My son wasn't getting enough from school, he wanted to learn and loves the way he is taught. He passed both 11+ exams and the best part was his confidence which as a result kept him calm.
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Don't know how I missed this review at the time it was posted, hence this belated reply. Thank you so much for taking time out to write this review, it's very much aprecaited.
We have had a great experience topped up with an excellent result following the 11plus exam. Good value service, helpful teaching staff corroborated with an excellent exam outcome! Thanks to everyone!
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Well done for your child's 11+ results. Thank you for your feedback
The Tuition Centre were instrumental in helping to prepare my son for the 11+. They thoroughly enjoyed attending and found the work helpful and the support of the teachers and staff very beneficial.
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Great result and thank you for the feedback.
I admit my daughter last summer to have some skills for 11+ exam. But I realised later that this tution academy is not that good I expected. My daughter always scared to go to the tuition and she was so nervous when she is in the class. I came to know teachers were not friendly and they never solve the question streight way. Mock exam they took but never correct them when they make mistake. They never revised properly. While I asked they said it is not done by them but the parents. 2 times they took tution money before it due. One day early in the morning she become sick, I called the Academy they replied I have to call them 24 hours before. But she was sick in the morning how can I call them 24 hours before. Thus they charged me for that day. They prefer money then teach the children. When I call to the academy for some help they become disturbed and refuses to answer my questions which was study related. I am not happy at all of their tution.
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Dear Shah, firstly we are delighted that your daughter passed her 11+ exams which we prepared her for across the previous twelve months, well done Tooba. We are sorry though to hear that you are unhappy with our service and how we operate. The vast majority of our parents and students tell us they have a very enjoyable and positive experience overall with us. It seems to be our attendance terms and conditions including our same day illness policy which you have taken issue with which is confusing because all details are very clearly discussed and documented with all parents as part of our enrolment process. These terms and conditions are then sent to all new parents who then return their signed copy of the agreement, as you did. For the record whilst in an open forum, at our Medway location, teaching staff are all fully qualified and passionate about helping every student achieve their true potential, and grow in confidence, whilst enjoying their studies with us. This is what we all set out to achieve during every lesson here at Tuition Academy Medway and we will continue to do so.
My child has attended the Tuition Academy Medway over the past 2 years ( weekly lessons and intensive courses ) and without this additional learning would not have been ready to take and pass the Medway Test that was sat recently . Homework is set and expected to be handed in on time , which installs a good learning ethic for future education . Feedback from work done , be it in class or homework , is constructive so that students can learn to continuously improve . My child was lucky enough to have been attending TA during the current Covid-19 pandemic , where normal school learning was interrupted and reduced to online learning for terms 5 & 6 . Although “ in class lessons “ at TA ceased for a short while at the beginning of the pandemic ( although they did provide online classes for those parents who wanted their children to participate ) , they began again when safe to do so. Attending Tuition Academy Medway definitely helped my child’s confidence and improved their ability , so that sitting the Medway Test wasn’t such a daunting prospect and they could relax and draw on their previous learning to complete the Medway Test to the best of their ability . I would not hesitate to recommend Tuition Academy Medway to other parents who want additional lessons for their children .
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I would highly Recommend Tuition Academy Medway for 11+ tuition. The academy provided excellent, uninterrupted education to my daughter throughout the year leading up to her 11+. Even with COVID 19 restrictions the support and education offered to the children was fantastic and consistent which I am very grateful for. My daughter worked so hard and along with the additional support from Tuition Academy she really has grown in confidence and achieved so much. I could not be more thankful.
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Thank you for this review Ebonie, much appreciated.
I have been using Tuition Academy Medway for almost 10 years, for a combination of 11+ and GCSE exams tutoring for my 4 children; and I have known nothing but excellence in service, delivery and outcome. I would gladly and highly recommend them to anyone needing quality tuition for their wards.
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Thank you very much, Mr Adegbilé. It's been a pleasure to see your children's hard work and growth throughout their educational journey. Thank you for your feedback.
I am thankful to all the staff at Tuition Academy at Rochester, specially those staff who were directly involved in supporting and coaching my son in preparing him to do the 11+ Medway test. I can Proudly and honestly say it is the coaching he received from them made him pass the 11+ Medway exam. I will recommend Tuition Academy to anyone who ask me about tutoring their kids. Thanks, Sebastian Thomas.
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Great result and thank you for the feed back.
Very pleased with the support and teaching given to my child for the 11 plus prep despite the current climate (COVID-19). She came out with excellent results.
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Thank you
Tuition Academy is the best for every child to attend, they play a vital role in the lives of my children. They help mold young minds and encourage students to challenge themselves on a daily basis. My daughter did extremely well on her 11plus. I thank all the teachers for being such an amazing teacher and for all your great lessons. You all have amazed and inspired my children. As a great teacher you gave them the tools they need to face their future. I feel so blessed to have a teacher like you all.
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Thank you so much for your support and endorsement Constance.
My daughter attended the tuition academy medway to do 11+ course great teachers excellent organisation and my daughter pass the 11+ by 583 score and I appreciate everyone in tuition academy medway Thank you all
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An excellent score that we are all proud to hear of. Congratulations to your daugher! Thank you for your feedback
My daughter attended Tuition Academy to prepare for both Kent and Medway 11plus exams. She found the experience positively beneficial and has had a positive outcome of passing the Medway Test and achieving a very high mark. Thank you Evelyn and Simon for your always helpful advice and support. We will definitely be back once she starts year 7.
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Thank you for your feedback. Congratulations to your daughter for her hard work. We look forward to seeing her happy self again when she is in grammar school!
During the lock down, my son done only 4 month (once a week) 11 Plus grammar school admissions tuitions and he got chance in Medway Grammar school. Thank you Tuition Academy. The way you guys maintain social distancing it was remarkable.
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Thank you for your review. Well done to your son for his hard work paying off!
Simon and Evelyn are so helpful and organised, the tutors make learning enjoyable, they helped prepare our son for the 11+ he stayed calm and had time to check through his papers without panicking and he passed. Thank you.
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Thank you for such a wonderful review. We pride ourselves at Tuition Academy to see our students flourish from their hard work. Well done to your son for his 11+ result!
Thanks a lot my son did online mock. Found them very much for your support.
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Thank you for a great review. Congratulations to your son for his 11+ result!
I have 2 children who attend the Tuition Academy Medway and I have nothing but praise for their professionalism, conduct, delivery options, expertise, knowledge and customer care. Both my children feel confident and supported in their learning, increased ability and knowledge base and this is evident in the positive reports and feedback from their respective primary and grammar schools. Their pricing is highly competitive and affordable with monthly payment options that works according to individual situations ( which they are more than happy accommodate). Simon and his team are stellar professionals and I will continue to use them.
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It is always nice to know that how we operate and the services we provide is both valued and appreciated by our customers. Thank you from everyone at TA Medway for such a great testimonial.
My daughter was a student for more than 1 year. Last month the day she supposed to attend the tuition but due to sickness she was unable to attend. As a parent I informed it to the Academy but they still charged me fine for that day as Academy told I have to give them notice 24 hours before. sick. While I asked they refused me and charged me for that date. Also their tuition standard is not good as they never discussed with the children what they mistakes. They just correct the mistakes but never discussed with children. What I came to know they are more focused on earnings rather than educate childrens. I think in this area there should be more quality tuition provider to help our children as this academy they are doing monopoly business rather than helping childrens. Medway Council should look in to it.
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Dear Anonymous, we are sorry to hear that you are not happy with our service. For the record, whilst in open forum, our attendance terms and conditions are made very clear from the start. First verbally to all parents and then again in writing allowing time for parents to decide if they still want to commit to proceeding with our services. If they then want to get started, parents return a signed copy of our terms and conditions to officially confirm. This is all part of the standard enrolment process for every student who starts and is all very clearly documented. At our Medway location, our teaching staff are all fully qualified and passionate about helping every student achieve their true potential. That is what we all set out to achieve during every lesson here at Tuition Academy. Bearing in mind your post, if you can provide me with the student’s name and full details of your complaint along with all supportive documentation, I will of course look into this matter for you personally and reply accordingly. Thank you Peter Lewis Commercial Director
Tuition academy Rochester has helped my child for the last 5 years feel ready to sit her gcses. She loved her lessons on wednesdays with her teachers and her school reports showed how well she progressed. She's now moved to a grammar school for sixth form where she will continue to attend for Maths and Chemistry classes. I would recommend to everyone - reasonable price and excellent standard of teaching. Owners caring and supportive of students. Staff know what they're talking about and deliver good results with a smile. Thank you Simon, Evelyn and all at Tuition Academy!
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Thank you, for this great review.
I would highly recommend Tuition Academy to anyone looking to give their child's education or confidence a boost. They help children to shine and enjoy their learning in small group settings. Lessons make a huge difference in a surprisingly short time. Topic are covered in depth and allow children to understand concepts they might have struggled with at school. I found staff to be very helpful, positive and focused on helping children to make very rapid progress.
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Thank you for this great review it is very much appreciated.
I am a Maths teacher and have worked for Tuition Academy for five years. Tuition Academy's success is founded on giving bespoke teaching to small classes. We identify the Maths topics where students are weak and work on those, with the time available to give 1-2-1 attention. Often the students suggest the topics themselves (based on what they are doing at school) and we develop resources for that topic. Often a student's barrier in Maths is self-confidence. Working in small groups helps build this and helps them realise they can do Maths after all!
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Thank you Mark
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