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the saleroom have a Customer Happiness Grade of E. Customers are unhappy with their prices and customer service.


Price - Average

Industry Average
com and the prices were about the same as if you attended the auction in person meaning I was able to buy at dealer prices and take the risk and then sell to people on ebay and other websites where they didn't take any risk as they were protected by EU law and had 14 days cooling off period.
- E Gallagher
THEN, after collecting price and postage, they ship the item smashed in pieces, so well packaged that there is not the slightest chance the damage occured in transit.
- Pierre
Industry Average
Terrible service the web page freezes i ended up with an item i did not bid on and when i called to complain they banned me from all auctions online. The worse part was they then continued to ban everyone else who uses the same ip address as me so my partner, and some work colleagues. When we attempted to address the problem with them just some rude woman said there is nothing she can do and stated she was too busy and hung up.
- Matt S
com for a number of years I was really disappointed to experience how bad their customer service was once a problem arose.