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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Bad bad bad let you down dont BOTHER
Posted 8 months ago
Do not get a loan from these very bad and let you down even tho i have 2 with them.
Posted 8 months ago
Unaffordability complaint sent in, they declined my complaint within a matter of days without clearly investigating it properly. Shocking .0
Posted 8 months ago
I made a complaint to Sunny in October 19 about irresponsible lending. In the 8th week they replied advising they rejected my claim as they believed they did not do anything wrong. Over a 3 year period I had taken out 25 loans averaging £150 paying, according to their response, "over 25% but less than 50%" interest. Going by the DSAR they sent me during the complaints process it showed that in interest alone I paid £1965.86 on these loans.

Obviously, I was not happy with their response so I submitted my complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service. The adjudicator reviewed my complaint and assessed that Sunny should repay all interest on loans 6-25. This equates to £1518.81 plus the 8% simple interest. I was happy with this assessment. The adjudicator gave Sunny 7 days to reply to their assessment. It took Sunny nearly 3 weeks to respond and when they did their offer was ridiculous. They disagreed with the adjudicator and said they would refund loans 13-25. Which they calculated as £206.90 plus 8% so a total of £235.83. IF Sunny looked at my loans OR the DSAR that they sent me they would be able to see that on loans 13-25 I actually paid £1002.66 in interest so how they came up with their offer I have no idea!

In my adjudicators email she advised that she did not agree with Sunny's assessment. "Please note this offer it not in line with my recommendation." I declined Sunny's offer instructing my adjudicator to bring my complaint to an Ombudsman which could drag on for months more.

With the amount and frequency of borrowing it should of been clear to Sunny that I was in a cycle of borrowing that needed to be broken. Not only that but if they had of carried out the appropriate check they would have seen that not only was my credit score very poor but I had also other, larger payday loans at the times I was applying for loans with them.

Terrible service, terrible company.
Posted 9 months ago
Avoid this company
Posted 9 months ago
The only payday lender that seems to think they are above the law. No financial checks made when borrowing, several loans offered at once. High rates of interest added on (paying back double what you owe) and when challenged, they just send back a generic email stating that the loans were affordable and therefore they won't uphold your complaint.


My case is now with the FOS, as are several others. Please, if you have borrowed continuously from this company, make sure you start a complaint to get your money back. Frequent borrowing (ie monthly) without regular affordability checks is wrong, and most payday lenders are now going under because of this. Sunny may not uphold your complaint, but the FOS are upholding a lot. Don't be deterred by their template email responses. They are no better than a loan shark.
Posted 9 months ago
Absolute garbage customer care service
Avoid like the plague
Posted 10 months ago
Absolute joke always paid on time and often settled early reaplied again with nothing but problems, never again will I try this company.
Posted 11 months ago
Do not use this company, they will allow you to have multiple loans incurring high interest and when you pay off these loans in full they will still mark them as being in default so your credit rating is blacklisted.
Posted 1 year ago
This company admitted that they leant to me irresponsibly and assured they would refund me within 30 days.
The deadline has passed and they are now ignoring my emails.
They have no phone number so that I can speak to them directly.
I have called Sunny themselves but they state they cant help?!!!!
Disgusting and appalling company!!!
They have left me high and Dry.
Quick enough to give you a loan but ignore you completely when they are at fault.
Please don't get yourself into debt with this company as they are clearly irresponsible.
Posted 1 year ago
My settlement with Sunny was completed over thirty days ago. They advised I'd be refunded in 28days.... I'm sure I can just add in the same charges as they would when there customers have late payments...oh wait no I can't. Jokers and liars these lot.
Posted 1 year ago
always closed when i need it quick :(
Posted 1 year ago
I accepted Sunny's redress offer on 06/06/2019 even though I would get more if I waited for my FOS adjudicator as I just wanted to get this over with as it has been ongoing since November 2018 when Sunny turned down my original complaint. According to people I have spoken to at Sunny and as left on a previous 1 star review on here they have a 14 day turnaround on getting these payments made. Well here I am on day 15 and guess what...STILL NO PAYMENT MADE! If I do not receive this payment by the end of today I will begin a fresh complaint against Sunny because as a customer I do not feel that I have not been treated fairly.
Posted 1 year ago
Absolutely dreadful do not use customer services a hopeless
Posted 1 year ago
I raised a complaint with Sunny about their loans being unaffordable. They upheld in part but I didn’t think this was fair so took to the ombudsman. The FOS found in my favour and gave them a deadline of 1st Feb to respond and sunny have ignored adjudicators decision and not even responded. Not great at complaint handling or replying to the FOS. 6 weeks past the adjudicator decision and 4 weeks past the deadline - Poor by anyone’s standards
Posted 1 year ago
They are chasing me for money - but won't let me pay it off. I keep trying to talk to them and they don't let me pay. Why can't they just let me sort it out.

Treat me like a criminal, all I want to do is clear what I owe.
Posted 2 years ago
tried contacting sunny to understand there offer on the train. customer services were completely useless
Posted 2 years ago
Hi there,

We're sorry we weren't able to help with your queries. We'd like to look further into why this was. Can you get in touch with us on 0800 7315 444 please?


The Sunny Team
Posted 2 years ago is rated 3.71 based on 58 reviews