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A complete scam company don’t order anything you will not get it nor a refund!!
posted 1 week ago - Anonymous
Ordered Firestick in October 2019, haven't received or a refund and don't get replies to emails. This is a scam company also known as Shopora or Cartbright.
posted 2 weeks ago - Anonymous
Shopra A scam company, ordered item on 20th November, took money on 21st November including exchange rate costs ,received email item will dispatched within 5-7days, then all of a sudden they said due to a number of customers ordering the same item it will take upto 17-20 days, obviously I assumed all was good, after 20 days had past no item, I emailed them asking for the item or refund GUESS WHAT NO RESPONSE.
posted 3 weeks ago - Anonymous
Like the other customers, I ordered a microwave due to be delivered 4 - 5 days then notice it would be up to 17 - 20 days then nothing. Despite several messages, with positive replies, no delivery. I then demanded my money back. they said a refund would be made within 14 days. No refund. I reported to ACTION FRAUD who say no crime committed. I will be reporting this matter again.
posted 3 weeks ago - Anonymous
Shoptora ,cartbright,shopora ,etc eurotexsell are reporting /blocking every review on trustpilot but luckily they can’t on this review site they are robbing more people everyday as if they can’t see the bad reviews of which they are all bad no refund or parcel sent I am still waiting to see if my chargeback is permanent as they have 30 days to dispute and so it goes on more people paying for goods they will not recieve or get refunded these scammers are unstoppable at the moment I hope soon there shut down and prosecuted
posted 3 weeks ago - Jane
If you have paid by credit card, please issue a refund with your bank. I used Revolut and I issued a refund with VISA. They took 30 days but I got my money back. Do not leave your money to them.
posted 3 weeks ago - Nicola Guido
i placed an order with this company 4 wks ago and paid £37.i keep emailing them but they keep telling me there trying to get my order out as soon as they can.now after reading these reviews i know I've been scammed.I've just emailed them saying i want a full refund so will to see what they say before i go to my bank.these people need to be punished for what there doing.we think everyone is genuine like us but sadly not.
posted 3 weeks ago - tracey gaynor
Cartbight shoptora took my money, said there was a long delay in delivery. I cancelled order. Months later still No refund! Absolute scammers! Reported them to french trading standards. Total fraudulent scammers. Do NOT buy from this disgusting company!!!!
posted 4 weeks ago - Anonymous
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY - they will delete this message like they have with all the other bad reviews. 0/5 Really Bad Ordered product, did not arrive - 2 months still no refund. You can only contact by email and the staff are rude.
posted 1 month ago - Very Upset Customer
After reading another review on trustpilot about shoptora have another concearn that is a lady recieved a chargeback from her bank the same as me from eurotexsell they have 30 days to dispute the dispute /payment and they have told her bank she signed for and recieved the pram of which is not the case she said the form they sent her bank had no delivery address on it and a signature that didn’t resemble or look like hers so iv got 30 days to find out if they dispute my chargeback payment so the process goes on one month in so far and scam company carry on takeing peoples money and trying to claim back payments that are due to people that requested chargeback due to no goods or refunds so I am only haveing a temporary chargeback payment until the 30 days period if no response from eurotexsell the payment is mine if they do the process carries on and I will have to report there claims to police and fraud department with my bank so this is still not completely resolved until January 10th 2020
posted 1 month ago - Jane