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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
I'm sad to tell you that RocketRoute does not fulfil what I was used by JeppView Mobile. JeppView has a wonderful handling with the track on the monitor of my iPad, but did not develop new features that RocketRoute offers (prepare and safe flights in apple notebooks, print flight log, filing flight plan...). I tried RocketRoute, but it did not convince me. Handling the track on monitor, getting GND-maps only zooming in and so on I was missing. Next week flying to Oxford I first wanted to do this by map and GNS 430. But traffic around London is so crowded. So I decided to take SkyDemon. Just ready with preparing my flights I realise that the altitude profile is very helpful. Now I feel secure and begin to enjoy what will come. Especially in marginal weather I'm more flexible to change destination during flight when cold front will obviate to proceed. Therefor I had to cancel my subscription for RocketRoute this year. We'll see us 2019 in Friedrichshafen AERO 2019 hoping the handling of RocketRoute track in air then is developed. Thanks for your cooperation! Good bye
Posted 2 years ago
There are nany things that do not work correctly As I wrote many complaints and reviews before which had no effect, I save my time and stop complaining, as you are nor at all interested in changing something
Posted 3 years ago
High price increase. Reasonable product design but poor app design, far from industry standard. Piston plan does not work for new customers who charter different aircrafts (a company who does not know their customers will fail sooner or later...). I have written several mails about this. No reaction from management. As a FI I cannot recommend this product anymore to my students. Will check out and propagate alternatives. All together: Medium quality product. Terrible sales.
Posted 3 years ago
Hi, I am new with RocketRoute. My main problem is that it does not synchronize with my IPAD. All what I program on my computer or add or change does not show on IPAD or phone apps. The flight planning would be nicer on a normal EASA form instead of the mask we see. It is not as easy to make my flight plans as on Jeppesen. I am not very happy with what I have here... Regards Aerozak Association
Posted 4 years ago
It is not in french. to the first price there is not "autoroute"
Posted 4 years ago
I've signed up for the free Version of RocketRoute some time back already. Never really used it because there was no introduction or Training manual or Video on how to use. However, because friends use it intensively and I am doing my IR Training right now I signed up for the pro Version and decided to fight my way through. before that, I contacted the german number as well as the english sales number to ask for advice. Both times I did not get the advice I was looking for. After using it first time, I've contacted the Support Team because I couldn't download briefing Information. The colleague was very helpful and explained that within the app this function is not working because the data is already downloaded within the app. fine for me. Overall, I think I will work it out somehow. But what's really missing is a good Support and Training Manual Thanks Ralph
Posted 4 years ago
The inability to renew the membership outside of Switzerland is a massive disadvantage considering as pilot we spend most of our time abroad . Its hard to understand why its impossible with a credit card to renew the membership outside Switzerland. If i want to book a hotel room or buy something i can do that but not pay your membership fee. I hat to renew via my telephone whilst on the apron at Geneva airport durant a short stop over.
Posted 4 years ago
First called help desk, was the wrong place they could only give a number for sales dept, could not connect me. Did not speak english well. Then called sales department, english was even a lot worse, hardly intelligable, did not give any usefull answers. Have ordered finally via the web (as I like the product, having used it in the past). Now found out that ipad does not work, so in touch with helpdesk. Rocketroute is way worse than it used to be a few years back. Negative progress!
Posted 4 years ago
I find the information on airspace in the area of CMB North of France is not up to date, with areas that do not exist anymore and military bases that have close like Cambrai, and this is from 2012 or so.
Posted 5 years ago
Beaucoup de problèmes sur les applications IOS
Posted 5 years ago
Disapointing coverage of vfr airfields. No aeronautical maps work with ipad. The nav aides do not show on map clearly. The flight planning feature is not easy to use in flight, just able to print on paper. Best feature is the flight plan form, but not enough to justify purchase. Poor product for general aviation vfr flying.
Posted 5 years ago
michel bianco, France Hi ! Thank you for asking my feedback after my recent RocketRoute purchase. I'm just retired from airline, therefore my purpose is now to fly VFR. My idea was to get an efficient tool to file flight plans. After purchase, I downloaded RR for both my Mac and iPad as well as the instructions manual (I haven't read all at this time, but it's in progress). I was especially interested on you "drag and draw" function for my flites. Unfortunately, it works only at times on my laptop and not at all on the Pad. For this reason, I could not file (you never fly straight from departure to destination). Also, if I have a map on Mac, the Pad shows blank with airports, VOR, etc... I am sorry to say I'm very disappointed. Am I doing something not well ? I hope being soon able to use the product. Very much looking forward to reading you, Regards, michel
Posted 5 years ago
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